times ticking repair


Your Betsey Johnson watch repair is complete and has a one year warranty.

Interested in adding more time to your warranty?  You can!

The Maintenance Plan protects your Betsey Johnson watch from any defects with the movement for a total of five (5) years after your repair is complete, including battery changes.

If your watch stops ticking within five (5) years after your initial repair, we’ll fix it with the Maintenance Plan!

Your repair is covered 100 percent, including parts, labor, and return shipping.

The cost to protect your Betsey Johnson watch for five (5) full years is only $29.
Once you have purchased the plan, our system will update your account.


The Maintenance Plan


If your watch is submitted for warranty repair, we will cover the parts, all service and the return shipping.
International repairs will incur actual shipping charge.


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