Philipp Zeiske
How do Quartz clocks and watches work? Why are they considered to be less reliant on physical mechanisms?
When you’re talking about watch movements, there are two main types – Quartz and mechanical. We asked watch lovers to explain how Quartz-operated clocks and wristwatches work and why they’re not susceptible...
A Watch for Every Occasion
A Watch for Every Occasion
Sounds nice. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the discretionary income to purchase watches like some people buy clothes – with an eye to match every event with the right outfit. But there...
Troubleshooting Quartz Clocks 101: Common Issues, Easy Fixes
Troubleshooting Quartz Clocks 101: Common Issues, Easy Fixes
It’s likely we all own one – a decorative, stylish clock that adorns our home but never really tells the time correctly. It may have stopped completely or begun to lose time several years ago, and...
Niamh Jordan
Any basic tips for people who want to begin modding their watches?
So you want to outfit your watch with some new modifications but aren’t quite sure how to do it? Our watch gurus have some basic steps to get you started. Niamh Jordan Niamh is the Founder of Which Watch...
repair for a Seiko
How to Replace Your Damaged Watch Crystal - Part II
In Part I of this series, we shared some suggestions on how best to remove a damaged watch crystal from your watch case. Now that the old crystal is out, let’s talk about what kind of new crystal...

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