History of Watches and Horology
Horology: Some Meaning and History
You might turn a few heads saying this one out loud. Horology (typically pronounced “hō-rol-uh-gee”) may not come across well to polite company—at first. However, its origins are far from unsavory. Emerging...
Glow In The Dark Watches
Glow In The Dark Watches
Glow in the dark watches first started showing up in the early 1900’s. At first, many people were entranced by this green glow and couldn’t get enough of it. But soon they learned it was something...
The History of Dive Watches
Overview Of The Dive Watch
In the 1990’s, the International Organization for Standardization ( an international standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organizations) issued standard...
The Complete History of the G-Shock
The History Of The G-Shock Watch
 Kikuo Ibe Back in the early 1980’s, Japanese inventor, Kikuo Ibe, was beginning to put on the watch his parents gave him as a high school graduation present when it slipped out of his hand and fell onto...
Vintage Quartz Watch
What Does Quartz Mean And How Does It Work?
Why does my watch or clock read quartz? A lot of our customers assume that the word “quartz” that’s usually inscribed somewhere on the dial is indicating that the glass covering the face of...

The Most Popular Watches

From world-famous brands like Rolex, Citizen, Movado to more under-the-radar names that have caught our editors’ eye.

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