The Most Popular Stauer Watches

The most popular Stauer watches are popular for good reason. Stylish, functional, and packed with useful features, any watch from this collection is a sure win.  Choose from classic and trendy Stauer watches. 

Stauer got its start when its president and founder, Michael Bisceglia, decided back in 2001 that people were paying way too much for gems and jewelry after purchasing a bracelet as a gift for his wife. He couldn’t understand why he was being charged so much for the bracelet, so he made it his mission to find a less expensive way. That all culminated while he was visiting a local jeweler in Bali and asked him to replicate that overpriced silver bracelet with blue topaz. The cost for the piece was a fraction of what he had paid, so he wanted to make sure that he took that idea and ran with it.