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Chris Moon
19:58 15 Feb 18
Ray is always so courteous and happy... Caleb does exceptional work. We use this shop a lot and always highly recommend it. Awesome employee’s.. Ray and Caleb. Thanks for being trustworthy and giving quality work, and great customer service.
John Reed
01:32 08 Feb 18
They did a great job repairing my wife's favorite watch. The work was done on time and at a fair price. I like the the tracking system they provide so you can see the status of your repair (like tracking a package through the mail) I'll definitely use this business again.
Acee Hepner
22:36 20 Jan 18
Ray was amazing! I normally go to the location in Riverdale (as it is much closer to my home) but happened to be in the Layton area and decided to get a battery put in one of my watches. I'm so glad I stopped here and I will now be traveling the extra distance just to come here. Ray was super sweet, super kind, and super professional. She explained additional options that I could purchase besides the battery but not once did I feel pressured to buy any of the options. She took awesome care of me and my watch and when I returned to pick it up, she remembered exactly who I was. Awesome customer service!!
Keith Kerney
21:48 11 Jan 18
There service was grade A!!! Their quick and professional; they always kept me updated with status of my watches. Their work is flawless which they stand behind, to me most importantly. They speak to you as if you're an old friend asking for help; in which they're always happy to do. Times Ticking; a place where you can ask an old friend for help.
Doug Hammer
13:55 15 Dec 17
I had several issues with my Bulova mechanical watch, including running too fast. They not only fixed it, but it is better than when I bought it new. Amazing! And the only place I recommend for service.
Miles Persinger
20:33 02 Dec 17
Caleb was such a huge help. I went into Times Ticking in the Layton Hills Mall today and couldn’t have been more pleased. Caleb was such a huge help. I went in to talk about my Nixon Batteries and all possibilities i could do with them. He helped me come to the conclusion that the lifetime battery would and will be the best option for me due to the amount of watches i have. I’ll be going there for all my watch battery replacements from here on out. From a very satisfied customer thank you again Caleb.
Ellen Smith
15:03 16 Nov 17
Trying to find a watch maker to replace a Swiss Army Watch battery is easy but one who repairs a Swiss Army "Officer's 1894 square faced" watch was next to impossible in the SF Bay Area. Further Google research connected me to "Ticking Times" in Utah and great success! I sent my watch, received a prompt arrival confirmation and subsequent estimate of repairs & offer of cleaning & polishing. The entire process was skillfully completed with beautiful results in approx. 2-3 weeks. Thank you Ticking Times, so glad to know where to find you!
22:08 12 Nov 17
I went to the New Gate Mall location in search of a time telling companion I could rely on for years to come. Greg and Ben helped me with just that. They listened to me to help find a watch to suit my needs and wants, instead of just trying to sell me any old watch. Greg was very patient and spent a considerable amount of time going over different brands with me and was exceptionally helpful. Ben, the other gentleman who assisted me that day was equally as helpful. I was amazed at how knowledgeable he was about the variety of watches TimesTicking carries. He assured me that all the components of each watch were of the highest quality. The week that followed, I had a concern with a loose clasp on my watch. Jake explained to me what the problem was, how it could be fixed, then remedied the problem as quickly as he could. Overall I am ecstatic with the customer service I received from all three of the men who helped me and I will most definitely return with any problems I may have, as well as potential future purchases. Five stars!
Roger Sibley
06:01 29 Oct 17
Recently my Father-in-law passed away and my Mother-in-law gave me two of his watches. One was a Rolex and the;other a Movado. My Father-in-law enjoyed these watches and so it was an honor to get both of these to remember him by. Only problem is my wrists are skinnier than his and needed some links taken out of the bands. Having gone to Times Ticking in Layton Hills Mall in the past for other watches needing links removed or batteries, and always pleased with the great service, we knew where we needed to go to have the links removed in these two newly acquired watches. Caleb was the one who helped us today and he was very pleasant and personable to us. I was expecting several days before they would be ready for pickup, but Caleb said to come back in 15 to 20 minutes and they would be ready. We took a little longer walking through the mall, but upon our return to Times Ticking, Caleb had one of them ready. He apologized and explained that the other watch needed to go to their repair shop due to the special links on it and it would be a few days before being ready. Even though both watches weren't finished at the same time, Caleb's friendly interaction with an honest explanation in having to wait for the other watch to be ready wasn't even an issue and we were very pleased with his level of service. Once again our expectations with Times Ticking were exceeded and we will definitely be back. I would recommend Times Ticking as the place to go for all your time keeping repairs, sales and service.
L. Evans
22:16 26 Oct 17
Very good service. They repaired my old Baby G and cleaned it up. It now looks better than it has in probably 10 years. The keeper for the watch band broke years ago and I made one from a small zip tie. Times Ticking replaced it without me asking and at no charge. That was a pleasant surprise. Many times small gestures and great customer service say a lot about a company and people. You have earned a new return customer.
Bill Irwin
17:13 08 Oct 17
Very easy to work with. They did exactly as they promised. Would highly recommend to anyone who needed a watch repaired. Their follow up was excellent. No issues what so ever.
Theresa Calcagno
13:04 01 Oct 17
My Dad passed away on April 27th 2017. He really did not have very much as far as jewelry and anything worth anything. My mom was still living and she was not ready to give up much. After cleaning out some things for her I had found a very old Timex Watch in a shoe box that belonged to my Dad many years ago. It had no band and it obviously did not work it was missing pieces. I asked if I could have it and she said I could so I went to a few places around town and no one would or could fix it and suggested I try on line out of town who would specialize in Timex. This Watch was very old, and it became more important to me, so I found Times Ticking, and sent my Watch. I was told it would take some time and it did the repair took 3 Months and during this time my Mom passed also. I received the watch the day after her funeral and heard it's beautiful sound. The Watch was restored to its natural beauty and I find so much joy in knowing I have it and it ticking again. Thank You
tim montgomery
20:21 27 Sep 17
I was a little hesitant to ship my watch off to a place that I had never seen. They sent me a message immediately upon receipt of my watch and then again at every step. I also appreciated the personal call before starting any repairs and giving me time toe decide on an overhaul of the watch. The watch is like new again. They are great!!!
Gary Claer
15:59 09 Sep 17
This is my second time to deal with Times Ticking. Again, they have performed the services in excellent manner. When my watch was returned to me, it looked better than when I sent it to them. Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. They called to authorize the needed work, but failed to call me to tell me that my watch was in the return mail. That was unusual as they called me the first time I worked with them.. I have another watch passed down from my father that I will be sending next time. Thanks for a great job and as usual I will return.
J Anderson
06:53 29 Jul 17
Went in expecting to be overcharged for a generic battery being in a mall setting. Very pleasantly surprised at the level of professionalism and expertise. Not only did a get a battery, but a full service on my favorite watch for less than what I expected for a battery on it's own, seeing as my watch is name brand. Rae made all the difference , definitely give that dude a bonus, he deserves it!
David Sarchet
17:44 23 Jul 17
I found Times Ticking online and sent my watch to be repaired in good faith -- having made no contact by phone or email, just the form completed and enclosed in the package. It's a Swiss Army watch purchased by my father-in-law in Switzerland many decades ago -- not sure how many -- that was passed onto me after he passed away. It's a special watch to me, and extremely comfortable as well. I was contacted by email and phone and notified of the status of my repair at every step of the process. The technician recognized the watch as unusual for its kind and asked me about it, so I felt like there was some appreciation there. I requested that all old parts be sent to me and that was no problem -- my wife will incorporate them into jewelry. I'd recommend Times Ticking to anyone and will certainly call upon them again should the need arise.
John Reeder
19:26 20 Jul 17
These guys did a great job on bringing back to life two oldTimex watches I had been holding onto. Both are like new again.The service was fast and fair. I'm very happy.
James Land
10:58 07 Jul 17
Times Ticking did an excellent job repairing my watch. The process was super easy: I filled out their form on the web and mailed the m my watch. They kept me informed as to when they received it, what the estimate would be to fix it, and at every step in the process. Very good & trustworthy to do business with.
Lori Porter
04:54 01 Jul 17
My husband & I took his Reactor Poseidon in to the Layton Times Ticking for a repair. Rae was VERY helpful. We had purchased the watch in Ogden (also a great store with friendly staff) and we were glad that we could get the watch repaired in the Layton store since it was so convenient. Rae was very professional and knowledgeable in handling the watch situation and the watch was finished in less time than estimated. Awesome staff!!! Would highly recommend buying from Times Ticking!!!
Antonio Wright
01:21 24 Jun 17
It is my GO TO place for awesome timepieces and awesome service! Rae my saleswoman was super knowledgeable and a blast to work with... She assisted me with buying a Vestal Timepiece and had a great knowledge on the company and features of the purchased timepiece... Super work Rae!
James Schmidtt
23:01 12 Jun 17
I was certainly impressed by Rae's customer service and professionalism, but even more so by her knowledge. Didn't hesitate or waver at all. Super glad she was there, I definitely wasn't impressed by David, I think that was his name. After I looked around the store on my own, I asked him to open a case for me he did just that, and only that-didn't offer any info and when I asked him questions he didn't seem to confidently know anything by the number of times he said "uh" or "um". I assume he must be new so that's why I'm still giving 5 stars, since Rae more than made up for his lack of knowledge, once she came in from the back of the store.
Shelly Fitzgerald
14:43 03 Jun 17
Initially felt odd sending off my swiss army watch to a place I did not know but everything went as they said it would. Estimate call came within 5 days. Work was completed and sent back as promised. Watch is like new and keeping great time again. I am very satisfied.
Al Miller
23:48 02 Jun 17
Professional workmanship and service are of primary importance to my wife and myself. Skagen is a real quality watch with beautiful designs. When two of our Skagens were not working properly we wanted a top notch jeweler who specializes in this brand to fix them properly.Times Ticking provided proper repairs at a fair price and kept us in the information loop all through the process. We are delighted with the results and strongly recommend them too.
flo kam
18:49 11 May 17
Very welcoming experience at the Layton Hills Mall location, I had 2 watches with dead batteries and the associate named Rae was very nice and greeted me. She recommended what I should do and at the best price point. Mikayla did an excellent job at fixing my watches and they came out looking spectacular.
Joanne Conta
13:22 13 Apr 17
It took me a long time to find someone who could service my Aqua Master watch. I am soooo happy that I found Times Ticking! They completely serviced my watch and got me a genuine Aqua Master replacement band. Their communication and customer service is unsurpassed. Imagine my surprise when any time I called a real person answered and gave me real and accurate information!! I can't say enough about this company and how happy I am to have found them. Do not hesitate to do business with them you won't be sorry!
Lee Skye
20:53 16 Mar 17
Great experience with Times Ticking. Sent in my Swiss Army watch which wasn't working even with a new battery. They called me a couple of days later with a reasonable quote to repair and clean. A couple of weeks later I had my watch back just like new. Excellent customer service. I recommend Times Ticking for all of your watch repairs.
Brenda McGregor
18:39 08 Mar 17
I highly recommend Times Ticking. I sent my Swiss Army watch in for repair and they informed me when it was received. A couple of days later they called with the repair estimate and approximate time to repair. I received my watch back earlier then their estimate. After I received my watch back, I called with a question which was answered very satisfactorily. They even remembered my watch! Times Ticking has a new loyal customer. Thank you, Jesse and staff.
William Campbell
17:01 08 Mar 17
Jesse and the folks at Times Ticking are wonderful. I live in Texas and found them online. I have a very old Seiko Quartz watch that was my grandfathers'. It stopped working and I took it to some local stores and they told me it could not be fixed...that it was too old and could not be repaired. In essence, the watch had lived its life and was not worth fixing...However, since it was my grandfathers' I could not throw it out...well after about seven years in my drawer I decided to give it another try to see if someone in the world could fix it. I did a lot of research online...the net of it is that there are only a couple of places that could possible repair it. I sent it to Jesse at Times Ticking and they figured out a way to get a new part developed from their contacts in the industry. It is now fixed and will rarely leave my wrist. Their follow up and concern for my watch was / is excellent. Thanks.Bill Campbell
J & A White
17:07 19 Feb 17
I really appreciate the service in the Layton store. Lori has always been helpful, she found my favorite watch not only needed a battery changed but the whole mechanism needed replacing. She also helped my daughter pick a out a watch she now loves. The last time we went in the shop, business was picking up and getting busy, but Lori and Baker was calm, nice to everyone, and continue to change out the batteries in our three watches we brought in. I appreciate their professionalism and customer service. Thanks Lori and Baker!
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