Watch Repair FAQ

Our expertise encompasses the full spectrum of watch repair and maintenance, with a particular prowess in restoring vintage timepieces. Our skill set is not limited to common repairs; we excel in handling watches deemed too challenging or rare for others to mend or source parts for. From luxury timepieces to fashion watches and everything in between, including vintage, our mastery ensures we can address any issue your watch may face.

Our comprehensive services include anything from battery replacements, water resistance tests, case back repairs, precision adjustments, and ceramic modifications. We are adept at pin replacement, band repairs, custom-fitting manufacturer pins, clasp restoration, dial corrections, and polishing. Our team also specializes in the intricate repair of quartz, chronograph, and digital (LCD and LED) movements, alongside re-illuminating hands, replacing capacitors, solar batteries, and batteries for perpetual calendars.

For watches with mechanical movements, we offer thorough cleaning, overhauling, and repair services. This extends to repairing mechanisms, repairing or replacing stems and crowns, and executing mechanical repairs with precision. If your mechanical watch requires a full restoration, we can do that too. Our capabilities also include retro-fitting movements, re-threading case back screws, and specialized repairs for automatic and kinetic movements, ensuring every timepiece receives meticulous care and attention to detail, regardless of its complexity or make.

Our team comprises watchmakers of varying expertise, enabling us to adeptly address repairs across the entire spectrum of timepieces, from high-end Swiss luxury models to contemporary fashion watches, and everything in between. Our team of specialists boasts training from the prestigious watchmaking schools in Bienne, Switzerland, ensuring unparalleled skill and craftsmanship in every repair. Furthermore, these top-tier watchmakers are esteemed members of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWCI), underscoring their commitment to excellence and adherence to the highest standards of horological proficiency. This blend of diverse expertise and elite training positions us uniquely to provide superior service for any watch, regardless of its origin or complexity.

We’ve streamlined the process for you to receive a complimentary estimate for your watch repair. Simply click on the “Get Started” link and follow the simple instructions. Should you encounter any difficulties or have questions at any point, please feel absolutely free to reach out to us through our “Contact Us” option. Our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Upon the arrival of your watch at our facility, we immediately inform you of its safe receipt. The watch then undergoes a meticulous process where it is processed, photographed, and systematically categorized to ensure an accurate and thorough diagnosis. Typically, we can provide repair estimates within a week, or so, of its arrival. Nonetheless, in certain situations where specific parts are required, we might need to consult with the manufacturer, or vendors, to ascertain the availability and pricing of these components, potentially extending the time needed to finalize the estimate. Rest assured, as soon as we compile all necessary information, we will promptly contact you with a detailed proposal for your watch repair, seeking your consent before proceeding. We firmly adhere to a policy of commencing no repair work without your explicit approval, ensuring that you remain in control every step of the way.

The timeframe for repairing your watch is influenced by several factors, including the specific model of the watch and the nature of the repairs needed. Routine services, such as battery replacements or capacitor changes, are typically completed with efficiency, allowing for a swift turnaround. Conversely, the meticulous restoration of a vintage or antique watch or pocket watch, especially one that is a century old, or older, may necessitate a more extended period, potentially spanning several months. We endeavor to provide a clear indication of the expected repair timeframe when we discuss your estimate with you. It’s important to note that the process of ordering specific parts might introduce additional variability into the projected timeline. Our aim is always to manage expectations accurately and keep you informed at every stage of the repair process.

Absolutely, the answer is a resounding YES! We proudly offer specialized ‘Masking’ services to numerous jewelry stores, and watchmakers, across the country. Our expertise and meticulous workmanship have made us a trusted partner for jewelry stores seeking high-quality ‘Masking’ solutions nationwide.

Whenever feasible, we are committed to meeting any specific timing needs you may have. Setting realistic expectations is crucial to us, and we assure you of transparent communication from the start. If your unique timing requirements fall beyond our reach, we will inform you promptly. There’s a well-known adage in the watch repair industry that underscores our philosophy: “Good work takes time.” This principle guides our dedication to delivering quality service, even if it means asking for a bit more patience.

Certainly! To discover our convenient locations within the Northern Utah area, please Click Here. We’re delighted to welcome walk-in clients for a total of 66 hours each week, offering extensive availability to accommodate your schedule. Visit us at your convenience for expert service and support.

Times Ticking has proudly served the community and beyond since 1982, marking over four decades of excellence in the watch repair industry, serving an extensive clientele both domestically and around the globe. With a slogan as confident as “If it Ticks! We KNOW it!”, we underscore our unparalleled expertise in handling every facet of watch repair. Boasting a team of highly skilled watch repair technicians, we bring together a collective experience exceeding 120 years in the art of watchmaking. This extensive experience ensures that no matter the challenge your timepiece presents, we are well-equipped to address it with precision and care.

Shipping And Security

See the attached image. Simply write down the same info on a piece of paper and send it with your watch for repair.

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We prioritize a detailed evaluation by our skilled watchmakers for every repair inquiry, ensuring that we can offer you a precise and reliable estimate. While we may be capable of providing a broad overview upon request, a comprehensive and accurate estimate necessitates a thorough examination of your watch by our experts. This meticulous approach allows us to understand the specific needs of your timepiece fully, thereby guaranteeing that the estimate we provide is both detailed and tailored to your watch’s unique requirements.

To ensure your watch reaches us safely for repair, please enclose it along with the completed watch repair form that is securely packaged, ensuring its protection, and then mail it to us. We welcome shipments via USPS, UPS, and FedEx for your convenience. We kindly request that you refrain from using the watch’s original box for shipping. International customers: your shipment will arrive via the U.S. Postal Service (unless using UPS or FedEx). Your package will transition to U.S. Postal Service from your country’s local postal service for final delivery to us once it arrives within the United States.

Absolutely, to facilitate the repair of an additional watch, please complete a separate Watch Repair Form for each timepiece you’re sending in. Include the corresponding form with each watch to ensure a smooth and efficient repair process. This method allows us to accurately track and attend to each watch’s specific needs, providing tailored service for every item in your care.

We’re proud to serve a global audience, with more than half of our online visitors hailing from countries around the world, including yours. For watch repair services, please print, fill out, and mail us the PDF REPAIR FORM along with your watch. We will keep you updated and handle all communications via email, and should it be necessary, we’ll employ Google Translate to ensure our messages are clear in your native language. For your convenience, we accept payments through PayPal. Upon completion of your watch’s repair, it will be sent back to you via the U.S. Postal Service, at which point it will transition to your local postal service for final delivery. Please note, the return shipping costs will be based on actual rates. 

Pricing And Policies

For your convenience, we welcome payments using all major credit cards, such as Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express. International customers: for your convenience, we accept payments through PayPal.

We are pleased to offer complimentary repair estimates and free return shipping for watches that have been serviced. However, should you choose not to proceed with the recommended repairs, a fee of $10 will be applied for the return shipping of your watch. International customers: the charges for return shipping will be facilitated via PayPal, reflecting the actual return rates applicable to return ship to your specific country.