The Mechanical Watch
The Mechanical Watch: An Emotional Port in the Digital Storm
We have cutting-edge technology literally at our fingertips, electronic gadgets that provide every convenience we can imagine, and non-stop connectivity with nearly every corner of the globe ‐ and yet,...
Constant Companions
Constant Companions: 3 American Heroes and the Watches that Survived Them
Collectors often say that every vintage watch has a story. These tales may chronicle legendary exploits, great tragedies, or simply the ups and downs of an ordinary life. Whatever the narrative, it’s...
Myths About Automatic Watch Movements
5 Common Myths About Automatic Watch Movements
If a machine is “automatic,” we naturally assume it needs little to no human involvement to function. And while that assumption isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s also not entirely true...
Julie Morris
What is the lifespan of a kinetic watch?
Kinetic energy is a great way to power a quartz watch, allowing it to function solely by the motion of your arm and wrist. These timepieces can also store electrical energy for longer periods of time than...
Perpetual Calendars and Why We Love Them
Perpetual Calendars and Why We Love Them
For centuries, humanity has sought to make sense of the passage of time throughout the year and across the seasons. From the sundial and Greek clepsydra (or water clock) to modern wristwatches and atomic...

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