How Does Magnetism Affect a Watch?

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Watches can be adversely affected by magnetism and may gain or lose time. It is important not to leave a watch close to magnetic objects for long periods. In particular, cell phones, television and PC speakers, magnetic necklaces, handbag clasps, hair-driers, electric razors, magnetic parts of refrigerators are all magnetic. Since an affected watch remains magnetically charged even after being removed from the magnetic source, contact the nearest Authorized Seiko Service Center to have the watch demagnetized.

Analogue Quartz:
Analog quartz watches utilize the power of magnetic force in order to drive the step motors to move the rotors. These step motors are extremely small and may easily be affected by magnetism, which may impact the rotor. As a result, watches may stop or fail to keep correct time.

Spring Drive:
Magnetism affects the parts inside the movement, and my cause failure to keep correct time.

A mechanical watch affected by magnetism remains magnetically charged even after being removed from the magnetic source. This may cause a gain or loss of time. A watch can remain magnetically charged for a long period so it is recommended that you demagnetize it in order to improve accuracy.

Digital Quartz:
In general, magnetism has no effect since there are no motors in digital watches.

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