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Reactor Watch Repair


We do NOT charge you an additional fee to simply look at your watch.
To look at your watch for you is free.


with your Reactor watch repair

Step 1 – Fill out our repair form

Step 2 – Pack your watch with the Reactor watch repair form, in a box with good packaging, and drop it in the mail.

You will receive a phone call confirming the receipt of your watch in our Reactor watch repair center. Your watch will be expertly serviced the same day* and shipped back to you the next business day.

Your Reactor watch repair, Reactor watch movement replacement is guaranteed for one year.

*We stock all common parts for Reactor watch repair, however Reactor crystals and other Reactor watch repair that require special order parts can take up to 30 business days.

Questions? Reactor Watch Repair
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From a simple battery to a complete restoration, our Swiss-trained watchmakers perform a wide range of repairs with precision.

If your Reactor watch is double-clicking, no longer holds a charge, or has abruptly stopped working, it probably just needs a new battery.

We can do ALL Reactor repair and most batteries the same day.
PLUS return shipping is free!

Get your Reactor watch repair done today.

Why send your Reactor watch repair to us for service?


We specialize in Reactor watches!

Most people do not know that Reactor watches require regular maintenance.
Lack of knowledge to fix your Reactor watch is dangerous and can possibly damage it.

We have done hundreds of Reactor watch repair and have the correct parts in stock. Our customers know their watches are in expert hands.

We have over 30 years experience repairing watches and only use genuine Reactor watch repair parts.

We can not only change Reactor batteries. We also can do Reactor watch repair for crystals and bands.

We will provide an estimate on any Reactor watch repair upon request.


In some cases, we can complete your service the same day we receive your watch.
Special order crystals and complete movement replacements generally only take 7-14 business days.


When you send your watch to Times Ticking for service, we keep you informed every step of the way. You receive automatic email updates at each stage from the time the watch enters the shop through the service until it is shipped back. If there is any reason for a delay, you are notified.

If your watch needs additional Reactor watch repair, you are notified with an estimate and no work is done without your approval.
With our one year, no-hassle guarantee, we take care of any problems even after your watch is returned.

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Reactor Watch Repair
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