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We do NOT charge you an additional fee to simply look at your watch.
To look at your watch for you is free.


with your Ulysse Nardin watch repair

Step 1 – Fill out our repair form

Step 2 – Pack your watch with the Ulysse Nardin watch repair form, in a box with good packaging, and drop it in the mail.

You will receive an email confirming the receipt of your watch in our Ulysse Nardin watch repair center. The moment we have completed your free estimate, we will reach out to you again with details about your watch repair for approval. No work is done without your approval. Upon approval, your watch will be expertly serviced the same day* and shipped back to you the next business day.

Your Ulysse Nardin watch repair, Ulysse Nardin watch movement repair is guaranteed for one year.

*We stock all common parts for Ulysse Nardin watch repair, however Ulysse Nardin crystals and other Ulysse Nardin watch repair that require special order parts can take up to 30 business days.

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James Schmidtt
James Schmidtt
23:01 12 Jun 17
I was certainly impressed by Rae's customer service and professionalism, but even more so by her knowledge. Didn't hesitate or waver at all. Super glad she was there, I definitely wasn't impressed by David, I think that was his name. After I looked around the store on my own, I asked him to open a case for me he did just that, and only that-didn't offer any info and when I asked him questions he didn't seem to confidently know anything by the number of times he said "uh" or "um". I assume he must be new so that's why I'm still giving 5 stars, since Rae more than made up for his lack of knowledge, once she came in from the back of the store.
Shelly Fitzgerald
Shelly Fitzgerald
14:43 03 Jun 17
Initially felt odd sending off my swiss army watch to a place I did not know but everything went as they said it would. Estimate call came within 5 days. Work was completed and sent back as promised. Watch is like new and keeping great time again. I am very satisfied.
Al Miller
Al Miller
23:48 02 Jun 17
Professional workmanship and service are of primary importance to my wife and myself. Skagen is a real quality watch with beautiful designs. When two of our Skagens were not working properly we wanted a top notch jeweler who specializes in this brand to fix them properly. Times Ticking provided proper repairs at a fair price and kept us in the information loop all through the process. We are delighted with the results and strongly recommend them too.
flo kam
flo kam
18:49 11 May 17
Very welcoming experience at the Layton Hills Mall location, I had 2 watches with dead batteries and the associate named Rae was very nice and greeted me. She recommended what I should do and at the best price point. Mikayla did an excellent job at fixing my watches and they came out looking spectacular.
Joanne Conta
Joanne Conta
13:22 13 Apr 17
It took me a long time to find someone who could service my Aqua Master watch. I am soooo happy that I found Times Ticking! They completely serviced my watch and got me a genuine Aqua Master replacement band. Their communication and customer service is unsurpassed. Imagine my surprise when any time I called a real person answered and gave me real and accurate information!! I can't say enough about this company and how happy I am to have found them. Do not hesitate to do business with them you won't be sorry!
Lee Skye
Lee Skye
20:53 16 Mar 17
Great experience with Times Ticking. Sent in my Swiss Army watch which wasn't working even with a new battery. They called me a couple of days later with a reasonable quote to repair and clean. A couple of weeks later I had my watch back just like new. Excellent customer service. I recommend Times Ticking for all of your watch repairs.
Brenda McGregor
Brenda McGregor
18:39 08 Mar 17
I highly recommend Times Ticking. I sent my Swiss Army watch in for repair and they informed me when it was received. A couple of days later they called with the repair estimate and approximate time to repair. I received my watch back earlier then their estimate. After I received my watch back, I called with a question which was answered very satisfactorily. They even remembered my watch! Times Ticking has a new loyal customer. Thank you, Jesse and staff.
William Campbell
William Campbell
17:01 08 Mar 17
Jesse and the folks at Times Ticking are wonderful. I live in Texas and found them online. I have a very old Seiko Quartz watch that was my grandfathers'. It stopped working and I took it to some local stores and they told me it could not be fixed...that it was too old and could not be repaired. In essence, the watch had lived its life and was not worth fixing...However, since it was my grandfathers' I could not throw it out...well after about seven years in my drawer I decided to give it another try to see if someone in the world could fix it. I did a lot of research online...the net of it is that there are only a couple of places that could possible repair it. I sent it to Jesse at Times Ticking and they figured out a way to get a new part developed from their contacts in the industry. It is now fixed and will rarely leave my wrist. Their follow up and concern for my watch was / is excellent. Thanks. Bill Campbell
J & A White
J & A White
17:07 19 Feb 17
I really appreciate the service in the Layton store. Lori has always been helpful, she found my favorite watch not only needed a battery changed but the whole mechanism needed replacing. She also helped my daughter pick a out a watch she now loves. The last time we went in the shop, business was picking up and getting busy, but Lori and Baker was calm, nice to everyone, and continue to change out the batteries in our three watches we brought in. I appreciate their professionalism and customer service. Thanks Lori and Baker!
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From a simple cleaning to a complete restoration, our Swiss-trained watchmakers perform a wide range of repairs with precision.

If your Ulysse Nardin watch is double-clicking, no longer holds a charge, or has abruptly stopped working, it probably just needs a cleaning.

We can do ALL Ulysse Nardin repair and most cleanings the same month.
PLUS return shipping is free!

Get your Ulysse Nardin watch repair done today.

Why send your Ulysse Nardin watch repair to us for service?


We specialize in Ulysse Nardin watches!

Most people do not know that Ulysse Nardin watches require regular maintenance.
Lack of knowledge to fix your Ulysse Nardin watch is dangerous and can possibly damage it.

We have done hundreds of Ulysse Nardin watch repair and have the correct parts in stock. Our customers know their watches are in expert hands.

We have over 30 years experience repairing watches and only use genuine Ulysse Nardin watch repair parts.

We can not only clean Ulysse Nardin watches. We also can do Ulysse Nardin watch repair for crystals and bands.

We will provide an estimate on any Ulysse Nardin watch repair upon request.


In some cases, we can complete your service the same week we receive your watch.
Special order crystals and complete movement overhauls generally only take 7-14 business days.


When you send your watch to Times Ticking for service, we keep you informed every step of the way. You receive automatic email updates at each stage from the time the watch enters the shop through the service until it is shipped back. If there is any reason for a delay, you are notified.

If your watch needs additional Ulysse Nardin watch repair, you are notified with an estimate and no work is done without your approval.
With our one year, no-hassle guarantee, we take care of any problems even after your watch is returned.

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