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A Closer Look at Citizen’s Exclusive Disney Superhero Watches

citizen marvel collection

If you are a Marvel fan searching for a functional, high quality watch, then Citizen watches has the perfect timepiece fashions for you.

Before looking more into citizen’s marvel edition, let’s take a look at how these two big names came into collaboration.

Brief history of Citizen Watches

Citizen is a Japanese brand that needs no introduction. Known for its cutting-edge technology, the company has been at the forefront of the electronics industry for over 80 years. The undisputed leader of the Japanese watchmaking industry never stops at what has been achieved, constant improvement of design and the search for new directions are the basis for creating new ultramodern collections. Citizen has made a special contribution to the development of the global watch industry and has become the forefront of innovation. It was under the Citizen brand that the first quartz watches in the world were produced with an error of only 3 seconds, the first quartz models in a waterproof case, the first electronic watches, the first titanium models and the first solar-powered watches.

Citizen was founded at the Shokos Research Institute, which opened in 1918. The name “Citizen” was chosen by the mayor of Tokyo Shinpei Goto, who said that any citizen should be able to appreciate and give preference to the products manufactured by the institute. Citizen’s motto is “To be close to the hearts of people everywhere”.

How Citizen watches and Marvel came together

Citizen began a partnership with Disney and its subsidiary Marvel Comics in 2018. Following the successful first launch in the same year of an 8-piece men’s line, followed by a women’s collection, two collections debuted simultaneously with the release of Captain Marvel at NYCC 2019. One is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Marvel, the other is inspired by the historic Spider Man, which marks the premiere of the movie: Spider-Man Far From Home.

Among the most intriguing things concerning the eight watches at the Marvel collection is that while all of them start with the timeless Citizen Eco-Drive silhouettes, they have unique substances and picture cues that provide them a character of their own.


citizen marvel collection

By way of instance, this Avengers timepiece was made to exemplify the group’s unity and strength. It sports a notable, gold-tone ‘A’ to get the Avengers emblem in the middle of the dial. The 45mm bit is mainly black with gold and red accents to remember the character’s outfits. The two case backs are completed with the touch Marvel emblem. If you wear this watch, you’ll be proudly proclaiming your love of comics (without needing to squeeze into tights).

A subtle fashion of sports view, this Chrono includes Wakandan motivated tribal designs on the dial and claw-shaped, silvertone indices. Highlighted with purple accents, this timepiece features a 42mm case with black ion-plated stainless steel with black chroma completing, black ion-plated stainless steel bracelet, black tribal printing dial, and date. You can get away with this as a regular wearer. And for the tip of the hat to Wakandan complex technologies, the Black Panther Chronograph is powered by Citizen’s light-driven Eco-Drive, so it never needs a battery. 

citizen marvel collection


The next of Citizen’s Black Panther-inspired watches, this date and time version requires a more abstract interpretation of T’Challa’s superb suit. This variant also offers Wakandan-inspired tribal prints and purple accents, but the dial programmer represents this super hero’s mask. And beautiful details like a 47mm case with black ion-plated stainless steel with black chroma completing, black silicone strap will remind you the reason Black Panther won the 2019 Oscar for Best Costume Design. If you are going to cosplay T’Challa, then this is undoubtedly the lookout for you.


citizen marvel collection

Of the Citizen X Marvel watches, this can be just one which may also pass as a non-character pushed timepiece. Kind of like a super hero’s individuality. Captain America is, clearly, the earliest Avenger. This timepiece has many legacy military watch hallmarks with its black dial, 45mm black ion-plated stainless steel case, and dual-layered Cordura and polyurethane claw strap. The touch Captain America protector is well balanced with the date screen and 24-hour army time monitor.


citizen marvel collection

Another stealth fashion chronograph, this Spider-Man centric watch takes its cues in the design of the internet. The modern-day Spider-Man emblem is placed inside those chronograph sub-dials. This variant is provided in stainless steel with a blue chroma-finish 44mm bracelet and case. The brilliant blue dial with red accents recalls Spider-Man’s suit. Along with also the “Pepsi” bezel lands the exclusive timepiece a substantial presence on the wrist. It’s a watch to wear if you’re representing both Spider-Man and Peter Parker.


A much more direct tribute to the web-slinger, this three-hand with date edition of Citizen X Marvel’s Spider-Man watch includes the Spider-Man emblem in the 12 o’clock position and a snowy net spread splashed around the dial. Using its dark ion-plated stainless steel 44mm case with blue chroma-finish, black silicone strap, vibrant blue dial with red accents, it’s relatively unmistakable as a bit of comic book memorabilia. This one is guaranteed to be popular with all the comic con collectors and kids alike. And did we say that the Marvel collection watches are all packed in specially designed themed boxes containing exceptional artwork?


citizen marvel collection

This amazing, 43mm Hulk-themed timepiece stands out as a bit of pop art from a style perspective. The dial is exemplified together with the Hulk’s famous green fist. Additionally, it has oversize acid green Arabic numerals. A robust black, Buffalo grain strap with green contrast stitching pays homage to the Hulk’s power. Even when you are not one to dress up and comic characters are not your thing, the Eco-Driven watch’s appearance is a real conversation starter.


citizen marvel collection

Captain Marvel is Marvel’s latest blockbuster, and also to tribute to her achievement, Citizen has introduced three variants on a subject. Even smaller in size (they vary from 37mm to 40mm), they still pack a good deal of authority with embellishments like Swarovski crystals and round crystals. This trio includes an elegant gold mesh or silvertone necklace or a blue silicone strap. All utilize Captain Marvel’s starburst emblem for a dial design theme. These 3 watches are understated enough that you could easily use it in the workplace into the opening night of Endgame without inducing an excessive amount of code-switching confusion.


Marvel Heroes shows the abundant history of Marvel Super Heroes in a single watch. With its grey ion-plated 43mm stainless steel case, navy Cordura strap and blue dial actually summons the retro look of this original art and bold typography of the first comic books. A fantastic timekeeper for lovers who wish to emphasize that they had been to the publications way before the films. We can not wait to learn what precisely the Citizen X Marvel venture will create next, maybe something with Iron Man’s iconic mask or something inspired by Okoye’s warrior armor. We are just putting it out there, Marvel Universe.

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