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A Cult 90s Revival with Ikepod

A Cult 90s Revival with Ikepod

Some watch brands have existed for centuries; Some watch brands have existed for just a few decades; Some watch brands have emerged as recently as the last few years. What they all have in common is a shared goal to reach as many patrons as possible. More than this, most seek to offer something unique to the world of watch design. Serving up loads of uniqueness is watch brand Ikepod. Since their wave-making launch in 1994, Ikepod has released retro-futuristic designs that could almost make one wonder, “are we alone in the universe?”—especially with styles like their 1997 Hemipode (which resembles a UFO). In a short 26 years, they’ve established a niche audience and still capture the attention of haute-wrist-watch enthusiasts from around the world. Each of their older designs has left a lasting impression—and Ikepod has kickstarted plans for the near future.

A Brand With Recent History

Through a series of ups and downs, the Ikepod name has persisted into the year 2020. While the original Ikepod ended up filing for bankruptcy in 2006, bounced back in 2008, and then got put on hold in 2012, they’ve managed to find new life through Kickstarter projects. After their CEO Marc Newson parted ways with them (in 2012) to work on Apple’s smartwatch tech, they became “the sleeping beauty, the legend frozen in time waiting for a new and dynamic team to bring the brand out of its slumber” (according to their website). Fan of Ikepod and watch industry professional Christian-Louis Col purchased the brand in 2017. Hoping to wake the “sleeping beauty” that was Ikepod, Col has taken the company in a new direction.

Where They’re Heading

Ikepod has switched from Swiss Made mechanicals to Japanese Miyota movements under Col’s direction—to appeal to a broader audience. New releases from Ikepod were soon launched in early 2018 (after Col’s acquisition of Ikepod in 2017). With hundreds of buyers supporting the debut of Ikepod’s Duopod and Chronopod watches on Kickstarter, the re-launch of the brand was deemed a success.

A Cult 90s Revival with Ikepod

Retaining the current marketing model of Kickstarter campaigns, Ikepod is primed for another major release in 2020. Their dubbed “Megapod” redux was announced in late 2019. Drawing inspiration from their 1997 “Megapode” line, Ikepod is hoping for another launch success. Bloggers, traditional journalists, and all others of-the-like have had their interests piqued since the 2019 announcement—with good reason. Famous wristwatch designer Alexandre Peraldi has played a significant role in the design of 2020s upcoming Megapod. It’s meant to retain the retro flair of original Ikepod watches, and will feature a mechanical movement instead of quartz. There are currently 260 Megapod watches available through Ikepod’s Kickstarter campaign. Due to recent global events, 2% of their turnover has been pledged to combat the negative effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. Each Megapod watch will be sold around 756USD—and will hopefully ship sooner rather than later for all patrons. Looking like a classic 90s UFO retro-futuristic throwback, it’s exciting to anticipate Ikepod’s upcoming release. Their tumultuous rise and fall in popularity has brought out some real diamond-in-the-rough flair from the brand. As 2020 rolls onward, we here at Times Ticking will be looking forward to the upcoming Ikepod (Megapod) release—keeping an eye toward their other future endeavors as well.

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