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Niamh Jordan

Any basic tips for people who want to begin modding their watches?

So you want to outfit your watch with some new modifications but aren’t quite sure how to do it? Our watch gurus have some basic steps to get you started.

Niamh Jordan

Niamh Jordan

Niamh is the Founder of Which Watch Next, a blog dedicated to all things to do with watches and the watch industry

Choose a Well-Known and Trusted Brand

A beginner should choose a well-known brand to start their first modding project. I would recommend a Seiko watch for your first modding project.

This is because Seiko has a thriving modding community. There are so many resources on YouTube, and even whole websites dedicated to the modification of Seiko watches.

So, you will be able to join a Seiko Modding community on Facebook or subscribe to a YouTube channel, where you can get endless advice and tips.

You can even source and buy parts easily for your Seiko online too, compared to other watch brands you might choose.

If you choose to start modding your first Seiko watch, then the x2 Seiko collections I would recommend are:

SKX diver collection

Seiko Turtle diver collection

Both of these watch collections are fairly affordable. You can buy one on Amazon for under $500.

Many Seiko fans have chosen these as the case shapes are easy and fun to start out with. I especially love the 70s cushion case shape of the Turtle collection. And again, many other beginners have attempted these as their first mod try, so you’ll find plenty of parts and advice online.

Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker, Founder of DogFoodDesire. She’s a lifestyle blogger and a mom.

Two Methods to Mod

1. Switching the strap from an old, worn-out leather one to a new shiny fabric one is a nice and affordable way to upgrade the look of your watch. From Kate Spade New York’s hourglass bangle watch band to Fossil’s canvas watch strap, there are plenty of trendy interchangeable options for adding variety and life to your favorite timepiece.

2. Has your gold plating started wearing thin? Don’t fret! Gold leaf can be used on top of it to make your watch look new again! Watchmakers often use this technique for repairing expensive watches that have been extensively worn over the years.

Philipp Zeiske

Philipp Zeiske

Philipp Zeiske, CEO at Zeitholz Watches. He’s a lover of nature and handcrafts and a traveler.

Start Small

When dipping your toes into the world of watch mods, it’s best to start with small and subtle modifications rather than an entire overhaul. Needless to say, investing in a set of basic tools is the first step. From there, you can start tinkering with the less complicated mods. These include switching the hands, changing out the bezel, replacing the inserts, etc.

One of the most common challenges you will encounter when modding watches is sourcing the right parts. If you’re unsure about your requirements and can’t find help online, it’s better to visit your local watchmaker and have them order the right parts for you.

Hitesh Patel

Hitesh Patel

Hitesh Patel, founder of RRPJewellers.

4 Basic Tips to Start Modding a Watch

Watches are beautiful pieces of art. If you are someone who loves to collect watches and now are looking to start modding them on your own, you need to have certain things in mind. Modding watches can be quite tricky, but once you do get good at it, the results are amazing. It is an extremely rewarding and interesting thing to learn. Here are some basic tips for people who want to start modding their watches:

Step 1: Understand watches
Watches are exquisite and complex at the same time. You cannot just open up a watch and find your way around. You need to first learn about watches, their parts, how they work, and especially how you can move them around without ruining the watch. There are some great guides available on the internet. You also need to understand the working of different watches so that you can effectively modify them.

Step 2: Buy a basic repair kit
A basic repair kit for watches is readily available on amazon. They are not expensive and have all the basic tools you need to get started. Most of the repair kits come with a manual to understand all the tools, keep them handy. If you are having a difficult time finding the right repair kit, here is our recommended repair kit! Our top choice: Vastar Watch Repair Kit.

Step 3: Build proper repair space
Watches contain many tiny parts. You need to build a proper repair space that is clean and well organized. You do not want to lose important parts of a watch. We suggest having a wide table with plenty of work area and which is not cluttered. If you can, buy a magnifying glass, it helps in finding those misplaced tiny pieces.

Step 4: Find inspiration, but with a manual
Whenever you come up with an idea on ‘how to modify my watch,’ remember to find a YouTube video or explainer article on similar modifications that were made to the watches. This way you can achieve your desired look but with some guidance to make sure that you are in the right direction.

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