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BBC News Highlights A Vintage Couple

BBC News Highlights A Vintage Couple

When we say “vintage” we’re not trying to politely say “old”. In fact, it’s a very modern phenomenon that has taken ahold of a current couple living in Sheffield, England. Dean Turner and Lynda Easton are so committed to their aesthetic that they even have a large home garden and an air-raid siren involved in their living space. Whether it’s hand-ironing clothes, or reading vintage newspapers, they both seem to keep their 40s lifestyle well held down. Mr. Turner looks especially dapper with a curled handlebar mustache and three-piece suit. On his vest we here at TimesTicking couldn’t help but notice his pocket watch chainvery fitting for the era. However, we did notice something that was a tad out of place with the horological aspect of his wardrobe.

The Reveal

Plethora men sported pocket watches in Britain during WWII. There was a lot of DIY and rationing, so it’s very likely these men were carrying their father’s watches—whether in the trenches or living at home. When Mr. Turner’s pocket watch was pulled out during his BBC interview, it was immediately clear (to us) that he cut a corner in staying period-specific. He may correct us if we’re wrong—but what he’s carrying in his vest is nothing more than a modern quartz pocket watch. Quartz is a technology, for context, which didn’t emerge until the 1970s. There’s no description of the brand or movement on Turner’s watch (we froze the frame and checked). As well, the metal work on the inside of the case looks very recent. It was honestly a let down because his wardrobe is otherwise well tailored to his retro lifestyle. Perhaps he only shops at in-person locations and has not perused online auction sites for a classic WWII piece. We’d recommend maybe a Jaeger-Lecoultre military issue or Waltham watch—both of which would have been available in the U.K. during this time. 

Style Goals

Both Mr. Turner and his wife Lynda do a stunning job of recreating a specific era in British/World history. They both cite their countrymen “pulling together” despite widespread war, reinforcing the national identity during that time. It may be a bit of golden-age type of thinking for such a bleak time in world history. However, it also makes for a great news story. Hopefully Mr. Turner updates the pocket watch aspect of his wardrobe. If he cannot find an era-specific pocket watch in a shop, perhaps he can break character long enough to check Etsy, eBay, and such. Simple searches for WWII British pocket watches can make the find much easier—no matter what time period one is trying to live in. And what if that watch is in disrepair upon purchase? Well, there are still mechanically inclined watch and clock repair specialists that can get the job done. So whether you’re fully committed like Dean Turner and Lynda Easton, or just want to keep a piece of the past alive, reach out and maintain a shipshape pocket watch. No sense in letting her rot, old bean. Polish and grease will get it jolly as a roger, to be fully on display in one’s gaff or abroad—I’d say.

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