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Bitcoin Wristwatch Valued at $17million

Bitcoin Wristwatch Valued at $17million

You read the title of the blog post correctly—there’s a luxury bitcoin watch existing out there in the world today. What’s more, a recent viral video shows a woman unboxing this crypto-infused piece. Pre-loaded with yacht-levels of cyber cash, this Vanguard Encrypto (yes, that’s the actual name) from Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller is a striking novelty. Now, the watches themselves aren’t valued at $17million—to be frank. Franck Muller has the Vanguard Encrypto listed between roughly $10-60,000. That’s still a pretty penny for these wrist-bound banks. It’s a price tag that’s actually pretty common for Muller’s exclusive designs. Ever since Franck Muller began releasing watches in the 1980s, his magnificent mechanicals have commanded the respect of watchmakers internationally. Each year Muller releases a new, unique, and purposefully exclusive piece. Being relatively much younger than the other maisons (Swiss houses) it’s not too far off-base for him to be releasing this cyber-capable Vanguard watch.

Vanguarding Your Cyber Currency

Franck Muller’s Vanguard line was originally designed as a racing style watch. Its engineering is still very much up-to-speed in this respect. Aside from employing a QR code for accessing one’s funds, this updated version rocks a pretty solid case design and original movement. Featured inside is a caliber FM 0800 in-house automatic movement. Each movement is numbered alongside its case and keeps up to 42hours of wind in the power reserve. With a Bitcoin logo planted dead-center on the piece, with the QR code placed right above said logo, these solid case-back encryptors lock their movements up pretty tight. The Vanguard Encrypto is water resistant to 100meters, in fact. Underwater Bitcoin transactions are a breeze—as long as one’s cell phone can keep up.

Boasting carbon fiber, military-grade stainless steel, and other luxury sports-watch features, the Franck Muller Bitcoin watches can hold a wearer’s millions with their own special fortitude. As long as they’re regularly maintenanced, they also won’t lose time in those crucial moments of investing online—where time is, of course, of the essence.

Futuristic Watchmaking

Forward thinking and futurism in watchmaking can lead down some pretty wild avenues. Where the 1970s and 1980s saw the birth of the world’s premiere proto-smartwatches, the 2000s and beyond are now adapting paperless currency into their design constructs. Perhaps this unique design work will birth a new trend among high-rolling watch collectors. After all, if anyone has the capital to deposit millions of dollars into an exclusive Swiss mechanical, they just might have enough cash to invest into the idea further. No matter the aftershock of the Franck Muller Vanguard Encrypto we’ll keep our ears to the ground on the subject. Or perhaps, keep our eyes on the screen for any new developments in Bitcoin watch technology.

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