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Citizen and Marvel Crossover Reveals Retro Spiderman

Baselworld 2018 saw the announcement of some pretty stellar Marvel watches from Citizen. Popular characters Captain America, Black Panther, and Spider Man found themselves on the dial with the similarly iconic Citizen watch name. After the buzz died down on these timepieces, almost two years after the 2018 release, Citizen announced a Marvel 80th-anniversary run of watches. Releasing just two months ago (in Nov. 2019), these watches pay homage to the classic fonts and characters that Marvel has been using for nearly a century. Each Spider Man drop in this series of Marvel timepieces is a true standout.

Framed In More Ways Than One

Citizen Marvel Spider-Man Watch CA0429-53W

The previous Spiderman watch released from Citizen (2018) had its own bold design. From far away, it could look like a run-of-the-mill men’s stainless steel watch with a Pepsi spin. It has red-and-blue coloration referencing the spidey-suit colors—but seems fairly ordinary without closer inspection. Indeed, this watch is anything close to ordinary in aesthetics. Though it doesn’t have a direct representation of the webslinger, it sports his emblem in the 6-o’-clock subdial, has an asymmetrical spider web on the blue dial, and smartly contrasts red against the blue dial via the tachymeter. It’s a clean blend of a classic hero and a classic men’s watch facade.

Aside from the stainless steel model, there’s also a sportier Spidey watch from 2018. It rocks a black and blue stainless steel case, a black silicone strap, and the same dial as the stainless steel model—with an exception. Sporty Spidey does not have a chronograph movement. So, Spider Man’s suit logo is placed at the twelve-o’-clock position. Both pieces do fair justice to the friendly neighborhood superhero and sit well with other previous Marvel releases (Avengers, The Hulk, and others). In contrast, the late 2019 release takes a more direct approach to representing Spider Man.

Citizen Marvel Spider-Man Watch AW0061-01W

Being a more limited release, the 2019 Spidey watch from Citizen displays Peter Parker front-and-center. On the dial he can be seen in full attire, on top of retro black and white panels. These panels are a reference to the first issue of Spider Man from 1962—a direct influence on the 2019 Citizen release. In fact, Citizen got a little more exclusive with this watch. It’s first-come first-serve on these 1,962 (aka 1962) Eco-Drive wristwatches. Taking on a mix of black and white, plus red, the color palette is simple—and the dial is fantastically bold. Alongside the comic book stylings of the dial are a silver stainless steel case, with red-and-black numbering on the bezel. The band itself is also red-and-black and is made with leather.

Marvels at Comic Book History

Spiderman’s 1962 anniversary timepiece is part of a greater 80th anniversary series celebrating Marvel Comics (as previously mentioned). Citizen, alongside the Spider Man piece, released a wristwatch influence by the red, white, and blue coloring of Marvel’s marketing. Both of these releases were given the limited edition treatment and house a Citizen Eco-Drive movement. In fact, all of Citizen’s Marvel watches retain this rechargeable aspect. Whether one is sporting Spider Man, saluting Captain America, smashing it up with the Hulk, protecting Wakanda with the Black Panther, or simply joining the Avengers—there’s no need to worry about regular battery changes. The Amazing Spider Man now has two standout pieces from the brand in this series. It’s a story worth printing in the Daily Bugle. Or, at the very least, here on our Times Ticking blog.

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