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Do watch repair shops typically have insurance if something goes wrong during service? Why or why not?

Whether you inherited a vintage Rolex Submariner or recently spent thousands on new Grand Seiko, your first priority is to make sure your timepiece is serviced with care. That means you’ll need to make some time to research the watch repair businesses in your area. The most critical question to put at the top of your list: Does the shop carry insurance? We asked our readers to weigh in on that all-important topic and here’s what they had to say:

Jack Williams

Jack Williams

CEO and Founder of .

Yes. To Shield the Company From Financial Culpability

In general, watch repair firms should have insurance in case something goes wrong during service. Accidents can happen in any sector, including watch repair. If a watch is broken or lost while being repaired, the repair shop may be held accountable for the expense of repairing or replacing the watch.

In the event of an accident or incident, insurance might help to shield the repair company from financial culpability. It can also help to reassure clients that their timepieces are safe in the hands of the repair shop.

However, not every watch repair shop is insured. Smaller repair shops or those that specialize in less costly timepieces may have fewer insurance policies since the cost of coverage is excessive. Customers may be required to sign a waiver or release form in some situations, which releases the shop from obligation in the event of damage or loss during the repair procedure.

Brandon Frady

Brandon Frady

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Yes. Look for a Shop with Commercial Liability Insurance

Watch shops should have insurance to cover something going wrong during service. All businesses should carry business insurance that protects the risks of an operation.

Before you bring your watch in for service, make sure the repair shop is reputable. Part of ensuring reputation is finding out if they have insurance that protects you from losses when your watch is in their care.

Commercial liability insurance will protect your possessions that are in the care of a business. So, if the company has adequate protection, you should not have to worry about financial loss even if the technician messes up or an unforeseen event happens.

Henry Purchase

Henry Purchase

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Yes. To Protect Both the Repair Shop and the Consumer

Most reputable watch repair shops have insurance to cover any damages or losses that may occur during the repair process. In the case of an accident, theft, or other tragedy, this insurance covers both the repair business and the consumer. When choosing a watch repair shop, ask about their insurance coverage and make sure it is adequate for your needs.

David Louvet

David Louvet

Yes. To Cover Any Losses Sustained While Doing Repairs

Yes, the majority of watch repair businesses have insurance to cover losses sustained while doing repairs. It's crucial to verify with the store that they have insurance and to carefully analyze the policy's provisions to make sure that it covers losses similar to the ones you suffered.

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