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Enter the G-Shock: Wu Tang Wristwatch

Enter the G-Shock: Wu Tang Wristwatch

There was once a time where all you had to scream was “Wu Tang!” and people knew you were being serious. In fact, around those who know, you’ll definitely still get a reaction. Unfortunately this copywriter can’t curse in this particular post, but let’s just say you don’t want to “mess” with the Wu Tang Clan—unless you plan on going hard. This is why G-Shock’s toughness teams up well with the grit of Wu Tang. You don’t have to be a disciple of the 36 Chambers, or a high-flying Kung Fu master, to appreciate a tough wristwatch—or to even enjoy the hardcore stylings of Wu Tang Clan (and its ten talented members). But what happens when these forces combine? You get a black-and-yellow tribute to one of hip-hop’s greats that can take a hit and keep on ticking.

It’s All About

We’ll admit, we’re a bit late to the party on this one. Celebrating 20 years of music, the Wu Tang “x” G-Shock model DW-6900FSWTC-1GJCU (“Limited O.G.” for short) was dropped in 2012. Marking the release of their debut full-length album Enter The Wu Tang (36 Chambers), the Wu Tang Clan decided to bring the ruckus with some slick merch. This coincided perfectly with Casio’s 30th anniversary of its G-Shock series. What you get with this classic mashup is subtly on the case and dial—alongside a big splash of color with the band. Where G-Shocks are typically comprised of polyurethane on both the case and band, the bezel on the Wu Tang Limited O.G. is made of hardened steel. Encasing the steel bezel and the watch movement, 10 layers of polyurethane (one for each member of Wu Tang) are there to protect the piece from shock—as G-Shocks do.

Dial markings are typical for a Casio DW-6900 except for the Wu “W” at the twelve-o-clock position. It’s a nice subtle touch to an otherwise ordinary looking G-Shock dial. When the eye moves to the band it’s a bit farther from subtle. There’s a splash of yellow on the bottom half and an even bigger Wu Tang “W” on the top half. It’s a clean design that gets the message across on this legacy timepiece. Whether you were there from the beginning, or just a young buck, it’s a clean way to pay homage to RZA, GZA, Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, U-God, Cappadonna, and the late ODB. What’s more, it’s stamped with the Wu Tang “W” on the back and can be back-lit; You can always tell people what time it is—day or night—signed, sealed, delivered.

Collectors’ Piece

Enter the G-Shock: Wu Tang Wristwatch

Collectors of limited edition G-Shock watches and fans of Wu Tang alike still fawn over this timepiece. There are plenty of good reasons for this. RZA, essentially the head of Wu Tang, claims that the Wu Tang Clan has collectively sold over 40million records worldwide. This is including the album sales of each of the 10 individual members of the group. Solid sales and mass appeal, combined with a powerful and raw talent from each member, has made Wu Tang a staple in hip-hop/music culture. If you’ve seen the chunky “W” on a black hoodie or shirt—or perhaps on a limited edition G-Shock—it’s not something that’s appeared out of thin air. Going on 30 years of music you can still find their influence worldwide. Members of the group like cousins RZA and GZA have gone on to produce other influential artists and participate in filmmaking (to critical praise). Speaking of critical praise—Casio’s G-Shock has sold millions worldwide as well. Their utility, recognizable look, and marketability make them a standout for the ages. If you can swing the higher price tag that these Limited O.G.’s go for nowadays (ranging anywhere from $500-$1,200 from private sellers) then it’s well worth the grab. Wu Tang’s raps on social issues, current events, and of course Kung Fu movies are an immortal staple in music making. Even if you’re not an O.G. you can rock their name in style with their limited edition Casio “G”-Shock. Turn up.

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