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Essential Timekeeping

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, accurate timekeeping is essential to ensure smooth operations, enhance patient care, and improve overall efficiency. And while timekeeping may seem like a mundane task, it plays a crucial role in numerous aspects of the medical field. 

Timekeeping plays a role in the medical world and in the business systems that make medical care for mass people relatively accessible and streamlined for both the patient and the practitioners. With advanced appointment management systems and medical procedures that require synchronization among healthcare teams. In operations require precise coordination among multiple healthcare professionals during high-stakes procedures. 

Timekeeping systems aid healthcare providers in accurately administering medications at the prescribed times. By leveraging timekeeping technology, healthcare providers can enhance treatment adherence and overall patient outcomes. In the realm of medical research, timekeeping is indispensable. Timekeeping in research ensures data integrity, supports evidence-based medicine, and contributes to advancements in medical science. 

By leveraging advanced timekeeping technologies and strategies, medical institutions can enhance patient care, optimize resource allocation, and improve operational efficiency. As the medical field continues to evolve, accurate measurement and management of time will remain a cornerstone. 

There are other ways that timekeeping is not so obviously involved with medical care. For example, recording the time of death is a practice that dates back centuries and serves various purposes, ranging from legal documentation to medical research.  

Essential Timekeeping
Nurse Pendant Watch

In healthcare settings, watches with additional features such as pulse oximeters, timers, and stopwatches are particularly useful. Nurses and medical professionals rely on these timepieces to monitor patients’ heart rates, oxygen saturation levels, and other vital signs accurately. Timers and stopwatches help in tracking procedures, such as measuring the duration of wound irrigation or the time elapsed during CPR, ensuring optimal patient care.  

Maintaining proper hand hygiene is of utmost importance in healthcare settings. Watches with detachable or easily cleanable bands allow nurses and medical professionals to adhere to strict infection control protocols. This practice ensures that timepieces do not become reservoirs for potential pathogens, promoting a safe and sterile environment for both patients and healthcare providers. 

Watches and clocks are not merely fashion accessories in the medical field; they are indispensable tools that healthcare professionals rely on for accurate timekeeping and efficient patient care.  

The next time you binge watch one of your favorite medical TV dramas, you’ll notice how time is an essential aspect in almost every scene. If it’s not related to medicine, most likely your favorite characters are sporting some of the most notable and recognizable watch names in the industry. 

We’ll put the spotlight on the current longest standing TV drama.

In Grey’s Anatomy –  

Dr. Jackson Avery, portrayed by Jesse Williams, is seen wearing a Shinola Runwell watch. The Runwell collection is known for its classic and sophisticated design, featuring a round dial and a leather strap. Shinola is an American watch brand that emphasizes craftsmanship and quality, making it a fitting choice for a character like Dr. Avery. Another brand he’s seen sporting is Casio’s G-Shock, which has been seen on Dr. Miranda Bailey’s wrist, played by Chandra Wilson. G-Shock watches are renowned for their toughness, water/fluid resistance and functionality, making them popular choices for those in demanding professions such as the medical field. 

One notable watch that Dr. Meredith Grey, portrayed by Ellen Pompeo, wears is the Cartier Tank Française. The Cartier Tank is a classic and iconic timepiece known for its rectangular shape and timeless design. It is often seen as a symbol of elegance and sophistication. 

Dr. Richard Webber, portrayed by James Pickens Jr. wears several watches including the Hamilton Jazzmaster. The Jazzmaster collection offers a range of classic and sophisticated timepieces, known for their Swiss precision and timeless design. 

Dr. Derek Shepherd, portrayed by Patrick Dempsey, often wore a Rolex Submariner watch throughout the series. The Submariner is a classic diver’s watch known for its durability and elegance. 

Dr. Arizona Robbins, portrayed by Jessica Capshaw, has been spotted wearing a Tag Heuer Aquaracer watch. The Aquaracer collection is known for its sporty design and water resistance, making it suitable for both casual and professional settings. 

Dr. April Kepner, played by Sarah Drew, sports the affordable Timex Weekender. The Weekender collection offers a range of casual and versatile timepieces, known for their interchangeable straps. 

No matter your role in the medical field, whether you’re a nurse taking someone’s blood pressure, an orderly transporting a patient to their x-ray, or a doctor administering medication, Times Ticking is here to assist you with all your timekeeping illnesses and emergencies. From the basic battery changes and ultrasonic cleanings to full restorations on mechanical models–we’ve got you covered with a free estimate.