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Lillian Dodd

What are your tips for people who are buying a watch for the first time?

Because we have easy access to cell phones to tell us the time, many Americans are venturing into the world of wristwatches for the first time as adults. Whether you are hoping to make a fashion statement, begin your watch collection, or simply tell the time, there are key factors to consider before you purchase your first watch. Keep reading to learn what other watch owners recommend.

Gerard Roche

Gerard Roche

Gerard Roche, Content Manager at Gerard’s USA.

Key Tips for a First-Time Watch Purchase

1. The first tip is you have to know your budget before even thinking about buying a watch. However, if splurging a bit more than you planned is the difference between settling and loving it, then splurge. “Buy once, cry once” should be the motto because if you settle for a cheaper-quality watch, it will nag at you forever – trust me.

2. The next tip is to know what top-quality is and why exactly you’re buying a watch. If you’re looking for utmost precision, you need to go with a Swiss-made, manual-winding watch, and here’s what that all means. Swiss-made watches are top-of-the-line in terms of craftsmanship. Sure, they have a bit of a heavier feel, but the internal mechanisms and metal parts are handcrafted with the highest quality materials in the world. It can last you a lifetime.

Manual-winding watches are watches that you will have to wind on your own, and the frequency of such winding depends on the watch’s power reserve, how long it lasts between each wind. So, for practical purposes, you’re better off buying a watch with a higher power reserve so you’re not having to wind it every morning or evening around the same time.

However, on the other hand, if exact precision is not a priority of yours, and it’s more of a fashion statement, you can choose an automatic watch. What this watch does is automatically wind itself with your natural motion. It’s quite a convenient option if you’re not looking to have to wind your watch at all.

3. The next tip is to know your materials. Especially if you’re a parent, you know how hectic it can be trying to keep your prized possessions safe from your kids. Here’s where Sapphire glass comes in – it is a must. Sapphire glass is extremely scratch-resistant, strong, and highly transparent. Sure, it’s a bit more expensive than its alternatives, but, as I said, “buy once, cry once.”

4. One last tip would be to know what kind of attire will compliment your watch because that will guide you towards your style of choice. Let’s say, for example, that your attire mostly consists of casual or business casual wear. Then, bulky watches are a great option. However, if you’ll usually be wearing your watch with more professional and high-end attire, your best option is a more classic, slim watch.

Cynthia Halow

Cynthia Halow

Cynthia Halow, Founder of Personality Max. Figuring out people’s inner workings has always been Cynthia’s passion, and she has an MA in Industrial-Organisational Psychology to prove it.

3 Things to Consider When Buying a Watch


It is critical to have a budget and to keep it in mind when you walk into a store or want to order one online. You may be easily distracted by beauty but remember how much money you intend to spend and stick to it.


Invest in a water-resistant wristwatch. This is a decision that will keep you from having to change your wristwatch every season. Also, make certain that the resistance is appropriate for your lifestyle.


Also, if you don’t like complicated wristwatches, you should avoid them. Don’t just buy one cause it’s trendy. You don’t want a wristwatch that confuses you every time you look at it.

Mattias Magnusson

Mattias Magnusson

Mattias Magnusson, A real estate entrepreneur, web developer, and founder of Gameplan Financial Independence.

4 Ways to Make the Purchasing Process Easier

1. Buy from a Reputable Dealer

Even watch experts need to look closely these days to spot replicas and fake watches. Take the worry out of the equation and buy your watch from a reputable dealer. Buying from a local, reputable dealer can often be the start of a relationship that can span decades of service, new watches, and trade-ins.

2. Be Realistic and Do Your Research

As a first-time buyer, it is hard to spot the deals from the duds. Pre-owned or used watches can be a great bargain. First-time buyers should always seek to authenticate the purchase independently before making a decision.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Buying new will start your life as a brand name watch owner on the right foot with an authentic, brand name luxury watch.

3. Get Proper Insurance

Brand name watches are expensive to repair, and accidents do happen. Get yourself an insurance policy from a company that understands watches. Don’t find out the hard way that your home insurance company wants to give you cents on the dollar.

4. Join an Online Forum or Group

Luxury watch owners are interested in watches, and even if you are not, you can benefit from decades of independent knowledge and experience when you join an online forum or group.

Willie Greer

Willie Greer

Willie Greer is the founder of The Product Analyst. He had a desire to make the whole procedure shorter, and to help customers buy chosen products with conviction.

Know What You Are Looking For

Before going to the department store or the watch shop, research first. This will give you an idea about the watch properties that you want.

Yes, usually, your dream watch is very expensive, so you might have to buy a watch with lower specs and a cheaper price in the meantime. Just try to buy the [watch with the] closest specs to your dream watch with your available budget.

Tony Grenier

Tony Grenier

Tony is a musician and a businessman. He is an expert in playing different musical instruments, so he founded the company, Instrumental Global.

Determine How You Will Use It

When buying a watch for the first time, you need to identify the purpose of your watch. Are you going to use this as an everyday casual watch, or are you going to use this only on formal occasions? Is there a need for the watch to have other functions like water resistance for several meters? Does it need to have a heartbeat function?

Once you know the purpose of your watch, you can search for different brands that fit your purpose. I suggest starting from the brand with the lowest price to know if the style is good for you. Then, look at [more expensive] watches until you find the style that best suits your personality.

Craig Carter

Craig Carter

Craig Carter, President, and CEO of Jack Mason.

Research Before You Shop

If you are buying a watch for the first time, you need to do your research. Research various brands and prices of these brands to dial down what brand of watch you are interested in. Are you looking for a casual, everyday watch or are you looking for a fancy luxury brand watch?

Once you have figured out which brands you are interested in, research how these watches are constructed. Construction plays a large part in the longevity of the watch and is crucial to determining which watch is right for you. Style is also important. You want to find a watch that fits your style.

Once you have dialed down which watch you want to purchase you must factor in the price. Is it affordable for you? If so, then go for it and purchase it.

Jordan Duran

Jordan Duran

Jordan Duran, Founder, and designer at 6 Ice LLC.

3 Fashion Rules to Consider

First, understand your personal preference. In other words, are you someone who prefers gold or silver? As a general rule of thumb, I recommend gold jewelry if your garments are predominantly rich earth tones and silver if you lean towards pastels. Also, that rule about wearing ONLY gold or ONLY silver? Yeah, ignore it. Mixing jewelry styles and materials are no longer taboo.

Second, do not underestimate the power of your watch’s dial. Depending on the watch, a dial’s color can be the statement of your wardrobe or the perfect complement to your ensemble.

Third and lastly, don’t be afraid to wear gold or silver bracelets alongside your watch. Doing so adds flair and style to your watch while making it seem to like jewelry is just a natural part of your full fit.

Lillian Dodd

Lillian Dodd

Lillian is a publisher and editor at The Hobby Kraze. She enjoys capturing the experience of traveling to countless countries.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself

Know what you’re looking for before you start shopping.

  • Do you want a watch that is more of a basic timepiece that runs on a watch battery?
  • Do you need a smartwatch that you have to charge via USB?
  • Do you need the watch to do anything other than telling time?
  • Are you interested in using the watch for some of your hobbies, like cycling or diving?

Also pay attention to the band of the watch and what type of replacement bands, if any, are offered. For instance, you’ll find plenty of Apple Watch owners complaining that the stock band results in a terrible stench, even when washed daily. But, Apple does sell fabric bands that you can use to fix this problem.

Brian Conghalie

Brian Conghalie

Brian Conghalie, Founder of My Open Country.

Why Buy a Watch?

The very first thing anyone planning to buy a watch for the first time [should do] is to ask this question: Do I want anything semi-permanently strapped to my arm, just to tell the time?

Nowadays with the ubiquity of cell phones, is a wristwatch an accessory you want? If you are a first-time buyer, presumably you’ve been telling the time via your phone! So, will you find a wristwatch comfortable?

Once you’ve established you do want a watch, ask yourself what you want it to do. Is it a fashion accessory? Essentially, an item of jewelry? Something that looks good on you rather than has a practical use. Or do you require some functionality too?

So, ask yourself before you buy one – what do you want your watch to do?

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