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How can you tell if a watch has water damage?

Water and watches often don’t play well together unless your wristwear is truly waterproof. Even if that is the case, however, leaks happen – gaskets fail, the crown is left open, the crystal cracks, etc. So whether you’re snorkeling in the Cayman Islands or just at home giving the cat a bath, our watch enthusiasts offered some suggestions on how to tell if your timepiece has gotten a little too much moisture.

Henry Davis

Henry Davis

Henry Davis, Owner of Adept Golf.

Watch Runs Slower

Most of the time, if a watch runs slower, then it means it has water damage. Commonly, watches run at a certain pace so if there is water damage, it can make it run slower. This is because the intricate fit of the small components of the watch is not able to move freely because of the water.

Water damage will lead to the watch rusting and ending up being broken so the best thing to do is stop the clock from running and wait for it to be dry. Water damage on watches often occurs because of washing hands while your watch is still on your wrist or accidentally diving in the water. Hence, always remember to remove your watches when you are going to use water.

Ravi Parikh

Ravi Parikh

Ravi Parikh, CEO of RoverPass.

Water Droplets Inside the Crystal

One of the major clues that your watch has water damage is condensation. If you notice droplets of water or dew on the inside face of the watch, there is likely water being retained inside the case and movement. Water causes the metal elements inside the watch to rust and corrode – eventually damaging the watch irreparably.

David Adler

David Adler

David Adler, Founder & CEO of The Travel Secret.

Condensation; Soap or Salt Water Exposure

The water inside a watch can be detected by condensation on the crystal. If you see droplets of water on the crystal, the watch has lost its water resistance and it is retaining water inside the case, possibly inside the movement as well. The water can corrode the metal elements of the watch, which can be a problem. If the water is salt water or there is soap in the water, it can irreparably harm the watch.

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