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How Mrs Weasleys Watches Reveal the True Value of Giving

How Mrs. Weasley’s Watches Reveal the True Value of Giving

There are seven Harry Potter books in the main series written by J.K. Rowling. The last book, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,’ was released on July 21, 2007, and it is in this book we acknowledge a remarkable act of giving.

Throughout the series of fantasy novels, Harry Potter fans can all agree that one of the series’ most touching moments involves Mrs. Weasley’s thoughtful birthday gifts to Harry and Ron. On their 17th birthdays, she gives each of them a watch—a tradition in the wizarding world symbolizing the transition to adulthood. This milestone, known as coming of age in the magical community, is significant because it marks the moment when a young witch or wizard gains full legal adult status and the freedom to use magic outside of school.  

How Mrs. Weasley’s Watches Reveal the True Value of Giving

Mrs. Weasley gives Harry a watch that belonged to her late brother, Fabian. Despite its sentimental value, she apologizes for the dent in it. When she mentions that she couldn’t afford to buy two new watches and had purchased a new one for Ron, Harry’s immediate reaction is to give her a big hug, realizing her thoughtfulness and care.

This act of kindness is perfect for both boys in different ways. 

For Ron, being the youngest of six brothers, he’s often left feeling overshadowed and burdened by hand-me-downs. So, receiving a square faced, brand-new gold wristwatch is significant. It’s a rare moment where Ron is the primary recipient of something new, which makes him feel valued in a way he hasn’t often experienced. Mrs. Weasley’s choice to spend money on a new watch for Ron couldn’t be more admired.

For Harry, receiving a family heirloom is profoundly meaningful. It’s not just a gift; it’s a connection to the family he has found in the Weasleys. Like all sentimental items, the dent in the watch doesn’t diminish its value to Harry; instead, it enhances it, providing a sense of belonging to “The Chosen One”.

Mrs. Weasley’s thoughtful actions remind us that true kindness and generosity may have a far greater impact than even the most expensive gifts. As the saying goes, the best gifts come from the heart.