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Lamar Jackson Scores Wristwatch Touchdown With Team

Lamar Jackson Scores Wristwatch Touchdown With Team

It was just last Christmas that a pretty sizable present was gifted by Ravens’ QB Lamar Jackson to his fellow teammates. Indeed, the entire offensive line each received a brand new Rolex as a Christmas gift. With pretty solid backing from linesmen Bradley Bozeman and Ronnie Stanley, Jackson has a pretty strong case to be made an MVP for the 2019-2020 season. While we’ll leave the rest of the sports-wise analysis to sites like Sports Illustrated (one of the first sources to break the story), we’d like to take a minute to have a closer look at these Rolex gifts.

Day/Date Rolex

While there’s no existing literature on exactly what model Jackson purchased, there is photographic proof on Twitter. The live tweets of fellow Ravens players appear to all have the same Rolex Day/Date “Presidential” watches in them (correct us if we’re wrong). Foregoing a two-tone or gold look, they each have a silver dial and a Rolex in-house 904L stainless steel case/band. Day/Date Rolex watches are a classic part of their catalog and are popular among celebrities and famous politicians alike. High-rolling sports stars also tend to lean on this staple of luxury watches—Lamar Jackson obviously being no exception.

Lamar Jackson Scores Wristwatch Touchdown With Team

Each watch was purchased in a shopping center in Virginia over the holidays, where reporters had already begun speculating a serious purchase for Jackson’s fellow players. While most folks seemed pretty thrilled by this end-of-year surprise, a particular Ravens fan was notably (and publicly) upset. Karen Price wrote to the Baltimore Sun claiming disappointment in Jackson’s gift, not long after it went viral. She found his holiday purchase was not a philanthropic enough way to spend his cash. While we’re inclined to agree that an athlete’s salary has other utilities, we also can’t help but be amazed by Jackson’s gesture toward his fellow Ravens. We’ll leave the opinions up to the fans and focus on continuing wristwatch news.

A Parting Note

Luxury wristwatches are not uncommon among star athletes. Recently we covered Odell Beckam Jr.’s Richard Mille wrist watches—valued in the millions. While a Rolex might not hit the high dollar mark like those watches, we always recommend avoiding as much physical impact on a luxury watch as possible. Mechanical pieces are built with precision craftsmanship. Each time one is shaken up, or perhaps tackled, it shortens the time between upkeep. Although running on the field may help auto-wind a watch—it’s always important to avoid harsh handling. Luxury timepieces, even with regular use, should be cleaned/re-oiled at least once a year (when worn regularly). Make sure to keep things wound as you score your own personal touchdowns throughout the year.

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