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Mads Mikkelsen Style

There’s a Danish actor who has taken cinemas both domestically and abroad by storm. We’re of course talking about film star Mads Mikkelsen, as the title would suggest. One might ask why a watch and clock
blog is covering one of the silver-screen’s biggest names. Well, it just so
happens to be that his public persona includes high-end men’s fashion.
Mikkelsen—like other celebrities—is known to rock some stellar pieces both off
and on screen. Whether he’s portraying a vile villain (Hannibal, Casino Royale), designing the Death Star (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), or just
on set for one of his latest roles, Mikkelsen is known to exude style. While we
don’t have every watch he’s ever worn on file, we’d like to take some time
today to highlight some of his notable horological exploits.


Mads Mikkelsen Style

A major role for Mr. Mikkelson was 2006’s James Bond flick Casino Royale. Bond himself is pretty well known for his own wristwatch flair—but in this particular iteration of Bond’s story the villain’s watch arguably steals the show. While James Bond is wearing his Omega—the preferred brand of Bond since 1995—Mikkelsen’s supervillain character Le Chiffre is rocking a Longines Evidenza Chronograph. If one’s tastes lean less toward a traditional design, and more towards a rectangular visage, this piece checks a lot of boxes. Playing off of early 20th century experimental watch design, the case has almost an art-deco flair. The black dial incorporates subdials for reading the chronograph and seconds on the piece. Arabic numerals shaped in a unique font aid with general timekeeping—time being an essential part of the scene where the watch makes its longest appearance. Le Chiffre’s (Mikkelsen’s) Longines Evidenza mostly hides under his suit jacket during Casino Royale’s key poker table scene. However, as the stakes get higher, the watch pops out—Le Chiffre collecting his winnings one tick at a time.

Wars: Rogue One

Mads Mikkelsen Style

While working in
Iceland for 2016’s Rogue One: A Star Wars
Mikkelsen donned a very location-appropriate piece. Though
Mikkelsen’s portrayal of Galen Erso had less of a terrestrial watch-oriented
bend, his off-screen self was wearing an Icelandic gem. JS Watch Co., based out
of Reykjavik, is the watchmaker he wore during shooting. His particular piece is
a rather stunning mechanical with a skeleton caseback crystal. Showing off the
solid work of their watch maestro Gilbert Ó Guðjónsson, JS Watch Co.’s Islandus
45th Anniversary Edition houses some fantastic features. The movement sports 17
jewels, a swan neck regulator, glucydur screw balance, and plenty of custom
engravings, bevelings, polishings, and more. Every detail is expertly fleshed
out, and the watch looks clean to boot.

While Mikkelsen may
be an on-screen superstar, Guðjónsson’s work nearly stopped us in our tracks
when researching Mikkelsen’s tastes. Speaking of those tastes, it appears that
even without a wardrobe department our film-star friend has what it takes to
pick out a stellar time piece. It does take a Death-Star-designer (or film star)
pocket book to pick up one of these exclusive pieces. Mikkelsen’s Islander
watch is valued at over $10,000.

A More
Recent “Arctic” Film

Mads Mikkelsen Style

A film starring Mikkelsen titled Arctic premiered in February of this year (2019). During its premiere at Cannes, he sported a luxury black-and-gold Ulysse Nardin. However, his on-screen co-star was a Seiko Sportura Solar Chronograph (a continent sized title in and of itself). This wristwatch covers a 6 month solar power reserve, three subdials for its chronograph and tachymeter functions, and has a water resistant 45mm stainless steel case. In short, it’s rugged. This makes Overgård’s (Mikkelsen) watch an integral part of the story. As a crashed pilot stranded in the arctic, the measurements of elapsed time—alongside a solar powered movement—help Mikkelsen’s character survive through the rigors of his journey. While Mikkelsen may be sporting more luxury flair off-screen, this Seiko is a solid everyday watch that can be put through hell and come back again swinging.

Keeps Ticking

As Mikkelsen’s career continues to flourish, we assume his watch collection will as well. With plenty of opportunities to take on a variety of timepieces—both off and on the silver screen—we look forward to many more of his choices/wardrobe to come. Whether he’s wearing an Adidas tracksuit and a Seiko, or making luxury moves on the red carpet, Mikkelsen’s flair for the horological will certainly not go unnoticed by us here at Times Ticking in the near future.

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