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What common maintenance issues can happen with Seiko watches?

Seiko has long been a household name in watches, with its quality and craftsmanship often drawing praise from even the pickiest horologists. But nothing in life is truly perfect, is it? We wanted to find out from Seiko watch lovers some of the issues they have had with their favorite timepiece, and this is what we learned:

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson, Founder of Sawinery.

It Catches a Lot of Dirt

Seiko watches need quarterly cleaning. My Seiko watch is very reliable, and it has been with me for more than a decade now. However, I noticed that it catches a lot of dirt that goes to the crevices of my watch. Hence, I need to get it cleaned quarterly. This is not bad as cleaning enhances its performance and elongates its life span, so this is a good thing.

Charles McMillan

Charles McMillan

Charles McMillan, Founder of Stand With Main Street.

Even Great Watches Need Regular Service

Seiko timepieces are built to last a long time and deliver accurate and dependable performance. Like any other delicate precision equipment, a watch has to be serviced regularly to ensure that it continues to operate properly. The frequency of such maintenance varies depending on the environment and the owner’s specific watch care. Still, in general, I recommend getting your watch repaired at an Authorized Seiko Service Center every three years.

A watch may lose time or stop due to worn-out movement components and old oil inside the mechanism. As a result, their technical experts will check the watch for any worn-out components that need to be repaired or replaced, and the dismantled parts will be polished and oiled anew. Moreover, the water resistance of a watch is not guaranteed indefinitely. It is harmed by the deterioration of gaskets or the distortion of watch components resulting from an unintentional impact. Because degradation of gaskets can lead to corrosion or moisture inside the movement, I recommend having the watch’s water resistance regularly tested to guarantee its proper operation.

Abby Hau

Abby Hau

Abby Hau, Head of Marketing at Clooms.

Inaccurate Travel Time

One is the problem of inaccurate travel time. Many mechanical watches are prone to such problems, while the possibility of this situation in electronic watches or quartz watches is relatively small.

The second is when the watch is stopped, if the watch itself has quality problems or is subjected to severe shocks, it may cause the non-mechanical failure of the watch to stop moving.

Third, the appearance is damaged. Because the watch is on the body, it will inevitably be bumped, and it is normal to have some appearance problems.

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