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Metallica and Nixon Watches

Metallica and Nixon Watches

Metallica and Nixon Watches

If you are into watches and love Metallica, then the collaboration between Metallica and Nixon would be one of the most exciting news for you as well. The news of Nixon watches collaborating with Metallica got hundreds and thousands of people excited

If you have been living under a rock, or for some strange reason, don’t know who or what Metallica is, let us give you a brief breakdown before we go any further.

Nixon Metallica Time Teller Black / Kill Em All


Nixon Metallica Time Teller <br />Black / Kill Em All

Metallica is known to be one of the most famous heavy metal bands in the world. The band famous for heavy metal was founded in 1981 in Los Angeles, California, by the two original members James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. The band was known to perform one of the most aggressive, fast tempos, and instrumental music. The current members of the band include bassist Robert Trujillo, Kirk Hammett, Hetfield, and Ulrich.

The massive fame of the band was the reflection of their success. During its career, the Metallica Band is one of the few bands that gained this much success throughout its career. The Metallic Band won nine Grammy Awards throughout its career. Many magazines and journals state the Metallica as one of the most successful music band to date, with over 130 million albums sold worldwide.

Why Metallica is so popular

Nixon Metallica

You might be wondering why Metallica is so popular, even today. The main reason for Metallica’s popularity is that they have been good producing good music for well over 30 years. Metallica played everything from lighter to thrash music. The best part about Metallica was that they modified their music as time changed. This is the reason their music produced in these modern times is no less exciting than any other rock band. People believe that constant touring played a significant factor in the success of the American band. The number of albums produced by Metallica was not that much, but they somehow compensated that by offering hundreds of monstrous and energetic performances throughout the years.


We hope you would have a pretty good idea of Metallica and how famous they have been over the years, which is pretty much the case with Nixon.

nixon A346-3104


Nixon Metallica Corporal <br />Black / And Justice For All

Nixon has been one of the best and top choices of thousands of people around the globe when it comes to premium and luxury watches.

The brand was founded in 1998 by Chad DiNenna and Andy Laats in California. In the beginning, Nixon was a brand that focused on making some of the most premium watches. However, they added more accessories to their collection and now offer a full range of watches, leather goods, handbags, and several other premium accessories.

Nixon focuses on team designed and custom-built products. A large number of products at Nixon are designed in collaboration with people of diverse fields such as Athletes, Musicians, artists, and activists, etc. Nixon says that working some of the most influential people helps them broaden their vision and understand people’s needs and wants that belong to different life fields.

Metallica is not the first to work in collaboration with Nixon. Being one of the most reputable brands, Nixon has worked in collaboration with many give companies and personalities, including Metallica, Mickey Mouse, Santa Cruz, Star Wars, and many others. What these collaborations do for Nixon is that they help grow Nixon as a brand. Millions of people love brands such as Micky Mouse. Therefore working and designing a product that is based around that company helps Nixon grow their business into newer and more diverse markets.

The Metallica Nixon Collaboration

Metallica and Nixon Watches

Metallica Nixon collaboration was something no one saw coming. Nixon partnered up with Metallica to create some of the best Metallica themed watches that would help the customers get one of the best the most premium quality watches and a touch of Metallica Band.

As stated by Nixon, “Metallica wanted to work with Nixon, and Nixon wanted to Work with Metallica, for quite some time but it never really happened, until recently”. Nixon has always had a special place for Metallica and wanted to create something that Metallica fans would love and appreciate. In 2019, Nixon and Metallica started talking about this joint business venture of theirs, and one thing led to another, pieces of the puzzle started falling into place, and a deal was made.

One of the most exciting things to see as a Metallica and Nixon fan is the closeness among the two brands. Both Metallica and Nixon have a friendly relationship, which is the core of their successful “Metallica-Nixon Watches” collaboration.

The collaboration was not something we are used to seeing in which the designated employees of the two companies are in contact and get things done. The four band members of Metallica participated personally in the making of these watches. The watches were designed in collaboration with the Metallica Band members themselves. The whole team of Metallica came at the head office of Nixon, to see the final product in person. In addition to that, the Metallica band members have also been sighted rocking the Metallica Nixon watches on many occasions.

The Metallica and Nixon watches are designed in such a way to portray the band and its music. The watches scream heavy metal and are not your average watches with subtle textures. Instead Nixon went all-in with the design and construction of the watch. All the Metallica Nixon watches are designed in such a way that any individual can have one look and quickly tell that it is a Metallica inspired watch. Even the tiniest detail scream Metallica. For example, the hour and minute needle are designed just like the Metallica rock stars’ guitars. In the beginning, Nixon released three Metallica-Nixon watches, but as of now, there are six different Metallica-Nixon watches you can choose from. Each watch differentiates in terms of the straps materials and the overall theme.

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