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Online Watch Repair

In a digital age, convenience rules, and online watch repair is no exception. You fill out a form, put your watch in the mail, pay online or over the phone, forget about it for a few weeks, and then get your repaired watch delivered to your door. But in this age of sending your watch away and forgetting about it, it can sometimes be hard to tell if a company is one you can trust. There are a few ways to tell if you can relax when sending a company your expensive or sentimental possessions. One of the ways is to go to their website and look around. See if they have contact information, information about the company, or testimonials. Another way is to look at reviews of the company, see what other users had to say about their service and determine if it’s right for you. The last way to see if an online watch repair company is trustworthy is to call or email the company and ask them about their repair process. See if they get back to you and answer your questions to the best of their ability. One thing that you should keep in mind about online watch repair is that watches can get lost in the mail, so make sure you track the package and know when it arrives and when to expect it back. If you need help with fixing your watch, trust a professional. Times Ticking has been in operation for more than 30 years, since 1982. We have performed watch repair for customers both locally and internationally. If it Ticks! We KNOW it! Our team of watch repair technicians have a combined experience in watchmaking of over 120 years.