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Preventing Your Leather Watch Strap From Cracking and Peeling

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Here at Times Ticking we get the question “What can I do to keep my leather watch strap from cracking and peeling?”, a lot, so today we’re going to be giving some prevention tips to help people with this problem. The first thing you should know about leather watch bands, is excessive humid may cause mildewing on leather. Excessive dryness, on the other hand, may cause cracking. This happens when the leather losses its natural lubricant. There is no use buying water-resistant leather-because these most likely will not work as well. I is impossible to cover all the pores on the leather. Leather, like your skin, needs to breath. Here are some general leather watch strap care tips: 1. Protect your leather watch strap from direct and even indirect sunlight. Some leathers, such as full and semi-aniline, will fade over time. 2. Keep the leather free from dust by dusting with a cloth. 3. Clean your leather with leather cleaner, minimally, this needs to be done about four times a year. However, don’t rub it with the leather cleaner! sponge gently until all grime and stains are absorbed. 4. Avoid washing hands with the leather strap watch on your wrist. Droplets of water may wear out your strap faster. 5. Avoid having it in a shower or go bathing with your watch (even with water resistant watch straps), especially in sea water, and especially if you have a shark or alligator strap, as salted water will accelerate wear out of your strap. 6. you need to rinse the leather strap, do it with cold, clear water; do not let it soak. 7. If your strap is wet, dry it carefully with a cloth and do not let it dry under the sun or next to heating. 8. A tightly worn strap will always wear out faster. Always wear your strap loose. If you need help with fixing your watch, trust a professional. Times Ticking has been in operation for more than 30 years, since 1982. We have performed watch repair for customers both locally and internationally. If it Ticks! We KNOW it! Our team of watch repair technicians have a combined experience in watchmaking of over 120 years.