You are currently viewing Retro Wave Cool with the “Shark” by Freestyle

Retro Wave Cool with the “Shark” by Freestyle

Retro Wave Cool with the “Shark" by Freestyle

You don’t have to be a prominent youtuber, contemporary model, professional skate/wake/snow/surfboarder, or entertainment industry performer to stay ahead of the curve in wristwatch street fashion. Honestly, all that seems necessary is waiting for the passage of time. With so many modern fashion trends blending eras of style into their own collages it’s easier now, more than ever, to express a favorite style. A particular watch that has withstood changing trends is the Shark by Freestyle.

Hitting the Surf

Freestyle themselves started up back in 1981 and staked their claim as the “first surf watch” in the industry. It was a package that delivered quite well, so much so that their watches were once a powerful force in an otherwise flooded digital market. In short, their attachment to California beach lifestyle/fashion righteously elevated their brand. Though there was a dip in their popularity through the late 1990s and early 2000s, the brand has remained relevant. Their affordable price point, beach-and-street ready style, and overall toughness make them a great option for most walks. What’s more, the Shark by Freestyle still has essentially the same look it had in the 1980s—giving it a retro allure that’s becoming omnipresent on younger wrists today. With new retro waves being made in fashion generally, the Shark is the perfect watch for the future as the future draws from the past.

Killer Features

Retro Wave Cool with the “Shark" by Freestyle

Arguably the best feature on a Shark watch—aside from its style—is its hydropress technology. Like most digital watches the Shark has pressers for manipulating the time, date, and stopwatch functions (all available on the watch). But with Freestyle, their Shark pressers can be pressed underwater without compromising the watch’s water resistance. So if a nasty rip-curl bottoms out a noob and gives their watch’s cranium a gnarly slam—water won’t get in when the buttons are pressed. This has made Sharks by Freestyle a bit of a utilitarian choice. Whether one is weathering oceanic weather or going for a casual dip, the Shark by Freestyle serves up looks as well as usefulness.


Staying dialed-in to new trends, Freestyle has fashionable designs, allows fans to apply to be brand ambassadors (check their website to apply), and even makes smartwatch compatible wrist straps. Freestyle is a digital watch brand that captures a watch style indicative of the times it was originally born into. It’s rad, tubular, slick, and sick—with great water performance (for the surf and otherwise). If West Coast sunshine and street-smart stylishness are your speed, then pick up a Shark. They’re only sixty dollars retail and will last you well beyond their monetary value. On a final note: This particular post was inspired by seeing YouTuber “Think Media”, comedian Eric Andre, and plethora younger movers-and-shakers wearing Sharks. We here at TimesTicking are quite familiar with the brand as well—with members of the staff being fans. Or at the very least, the person handling the blogs. Keep shredding watch fans.

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