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The Absurd Beauty of the Big Mac G-Shock

The Absurd Beauty of the Big Mac G-Shock

2018 marked the fifty year anniversary of the internationally famous Big Mac sandwich from McDonald’s. Without any surprise, a lot of companies vied to capitalize on their milestone anniversary. While McDonald’s was dropping the price of their beloved menu item down to just one dollar (for a limited time), merchandising was going ballistic. One of the best (yet cringiest) pieces of merchandising to come out of this anniversary was the Casio “Big Mac” watch. A whopper of a timepiece, it boasts a lot of the standard rough-and-ready features of Casio’s G-Shock series. Where it stands out of course is with its “two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onion, on a sesame seed bun” finesse. Rocking a Big Mac on the dial and multiple Big Macs on the band (in camouflage fashion), it’s a watch worthy of a Jimmy Buffett paradisiacal ballad.

“McDonald’s X” G-Shock DW-6900

The general specifications of this Americana release are pretty standard for Casio’s G-Shock DW-6900 series. McDonald’s X is set at 200meters water resistance (you can dive with your Big Mac if you dare), has a multi-function alarm (don’t want to miss lunch time), a daily alarm and countdown timer function (for those who are very serious about lunch time), and of course a functioning backlight (for those late night munchies). Exclusive aspects of these features are what help it stand out—aside from the obvious burger-centric print. The back-light illuminates a Big Mac logo beneath the time; The watch’s water-resistant caseback has a Big Mac stamped smack-dab in the middle of it. Unfortunately the alarms don’t have the Big Mac jingle to go alongside of them, but there are two special extras that come along with the piece (or at least, did upon release). Every limited edition McDonald’s G-Shock came with a custom snapback hat and—drumroll please—a full jar of Big Mac sauce. That’s right: Every limited edition Big Mac G-Shock came with that “special sauce”. What better way to kick off new ownership of a watch than to flavor your next meal with Mickey-D’s flair?

and their Limited Editions

The Absurd Beauty of the Big Mac G-Shock

Though it seems a bit absurd that this collaboration happened, it makes sense considering Casio’s track record with limited edition watches. Anything from fashion to food and anything else in-between has been covered by Casio. Since their G-Shock series is their most recognizable style, it’s name can mean just as much as the product it’s promoting. This means there will likely be plenty more than cheeseburgers on the horizon. Casio has fashioned a McDonald’s watch in the past but has also teamed up with the WuTang Clan, Supreme, Gorillaz, and countless other iconic names throughout its history.

To end on some history—Casio is older than the Big Mac, having begun in the 1940s. However, upon the 50th anniversary of Le Big Mac, the Casio G-Shock line was just 35 years old (“just”). It’s pretty incredible how long-standing brand recognition can combine to create such a strange crossover. Something to chew on the next time you’re shopping a watch and/or looking for a bite to eat.

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