The Accutron 60th Anniversary Limited Edition 2020 Collection

The Accutron 60th Anniversary Limited Edition 2020 Collection

This year, Accutron is celebrating its 60th anniversary beautifully. In honor of this event, the Empire State Building lit up the brand’s signature green tint, and the company introduced a limited edition SpaceView watch in 18-carat yellow gold.

Accutron is recognized as the world’s first fully electronic watch. As a Bulova division, Accutron introduced its first electronic watch, the SpaceView 214, in 1960. This model has been hailed as one of the most important watchmaking innovations of the 20th century thanks to its pioneering technology. The watch had a built-in tuning fork and was powered by one electronic transistor generator called SpaceView because of the open dial that exhibited the movement. They were successful not only because of the movement but also because of the design.

Such was the admiration for this first electronic tuning fork’s precision that it was integrated into America’s space program for over a decade. Now Accutron presents a new historical achievement in the field of timekeeping – the world’s first watch powered by electrostatic energy.

The Accutron 60th Anniversary Limited Edition 2020 Collection

The Spaceview Limited Edition watch in 18K yellow gold is reminiscent of the original watch’s skeletonized dial with the same green accents. The difference lies in the new electrostatic energy mechanism, resulting from more than 10 years of research and development.

Basically, electrostatic energy is created by two turbines that rotate between two electrodes attached to a mechanism, and the movement of the wrist powers the turbines. Energy is stored in a capacitor and drives two motors, one of which is responsible for the hour and minute hands, and the other for the smooth second’s hand. The motors are synchronized via integrated circuits for an accuracy of +/- 5 seconds per month.

This electrostatic movement debuted earlier this year in a steel watch called SpaceView 2020. The new 18K gold version measures 43.5mm in diameter, comes in just 60 pieces on a grained leather strap, and retails for $ 19,600.

The Accutron 60th Anniversary Limited Edition 2020 Collection

The Accurton Spaceview 2020 features a round stainless steel case and a color scheme that matches the original Spaceview from the 1960s. The open dial allows you to enjoy the beauty of the high-tech unique movement. A limited edition is also available, featuring a green dial ring with hour markers and minute track. The limited-edition model comes in a box with a superbly designed book by Accutron, From the Space Age to the Digital Age. Limited to three hundred copies.

One more watch was released alongwith the Accutron SpaceviewAccutron DNA. It is a tribute to the original Spaceview, uses design tricks from the 60s, but adds sci-fi touches to the watch. The futuristic curvature of the case combined with the high-tech rubber strap gives the watch a sporty look. The four new models in the collection feature skeletonized elements that display a highly precise electrostatic movement. In addition to the traditional green color, there are three combined dial and case colors.

As Jeffrey Cohen, President of Citizen Watch America (which owns Bulova and Accutron, among other brands), said: “We are proud to reintroduce Accutron as a brand in its own right. The new Spaceview 2020 limited edition solid gold watch is our way of paying tribute to the company’s history and design sensation.”

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