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Timex Q Reissue: It Keeps on Ticking

Timex Q Reissue

Timex has been building watches since 1854. However, their widespread fame didn’t hit its stride until the 1950’s. During that decade, their successful stress-test advertising—featuring the iconic slogan “it takes a licking and keeps on ticking”—elevated the brand and established Timex as a household name. Not long after this successful marketing campaign, a revolution in timekeeping took hold: the invention of the quartz (battery operated) watch movement. As history shows, Timex followed this new trend forward and began building quartz watches from the 1970’s to this very day.

Because Timex sports such a long history of watchmaking, they’ve been able to dig back into their archives and reissue some of their favorite timepieces. A very recent reissue of theirs has been the “Q” diver watch—from the primordial years of their quartz-watch manufacturing.

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Originally released in 1979, the newly revived Q has a very 70’s dive watch design. It features a pepsi colored bezel; a thin 38mm case design; and an even thinner slide-adjust stainless steel band. Furthermore, it also rocks a classic acrylic crystal—foregoing a more currently popular quartz or sapphire crystal. This acrylic crystal was a particularly popular feature back in the day and is quite cool to see implemented in Timex’s reimagining of the piece. Though some modern materials are sublty featured in the construction of the timepiece, the aesthetic and spirit of the 70’s dive-watch style is wonderfully present in Timex’s reissue. In terms of functionality, the Q diver has typically been considered more of an “urban” dive-watch—here to serve up looks. However, it’s the looks and feel that make it a successfully nostalgic—and easy to wear—horological reboot.

If you’re looking to pick one of these watches up, the price tag isn’t half bad. The Q diver goes for just $179 through Timex’s official website. There is a caveat, however. The watch is currently sold out. Because of the affordability; quality; and nostalgic aesthetic of the piece, collectors and opportunistic re-sellers have veritably cleaned Timex out of the renewed Q diver. As it stands, Timex is currently taking down names to waitlist any new purchases. But if you can’t see yourself taking a number on said waitlist, you can look to other sellers online. If you go that route, you may want to have a little extra scratch on hand. Online resellers of this currently-sold-out gem are offering their merchandise for around 2-3times the retail price (yikes).

Timex Q Reissue

The sold-out aspect of Timex’s Q diver reboot is a testament to the brand’s continued popularity. As well, it signifies Timex’s ability to take a popular look/design and make it their own. Whether you’re relatively new to watches—or have been collecting for years—Timex has a way of finding its way into the mix. Ever since they began mass producing affordable wrist watches at the turn of the 20th century, they’ve done a very successful job of blending affordability with style. The Q diver watch being no exception, Timex will likely continue their reissues as they further explore their archives. So, whether you’re willing to wait—or need it now—keep your eyes peeled for more Timex revival pieces. And if you’re a fan of classic dive looks at a great price, get your hands on a Timex Q diver whenever it becomes feasible. It’s a comfortable and classic design that will turn heads, take a licking, and keep on ticking.