Can You Fix Any Problem On My Clock?

At our service center, we excel in addressing any issue your clock might encounter. Our expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of services:

  • Comprehensive repairs, including retrofits and adjustments for precision
  • Meticulous care for the clock’s back, bushings, pins, and escapement
  • Utilization of manufacturer-specific parts for authenticity
  • Restoration of mainsprings, dials, markers, and hands for optimal functionality
  • Polishing to remove scratches and replacing crystals for visual clarity
  • Specialized quartz and mechanical movement repairs, ensuring accurate timekeeping
  • Expertise in ship’s clock movement, from routine maintenance to complex repairs
  • Overhauls of mechanical movements, cleaning to preserve integrity and performance
  • Case repairs and replacements, maintaining or updating your clock’s exterior
  • Advanced mechanical repairs, including bearing, pinion, and hand replacements
  • Proficiency in working with antique and vintage pieces, preserving historical value

Whether it’s a simple clean and overhaul or a comprehensive mechanical restoration, our team is equipped to bring your timepiece back to its best condition, marrying tradition with modern precision.