Can You Fix Any Problem On My Watch?

Our expertise encompasses the full spectrum of watch repair and maintenance, with a particular prowess in restoring vintage timepieces. Our skill set is not limited to common repairs; we excel in handling watches deemed too challenging or rare for others to mend or source parts for. From luxury timepieces to fashion watches and everything in between, including vintage, our mastery ensures we can address any issue your watch may face.

Our comprehensive services include anything from battery replacements, water resistance tests, case back repairs, precision adjustments, and ceramic modifications. We are adept at pin replacement, band repairs, custom-fitting manufacturer pins, clasp restoration, dial corrections, and polishing. Our team also specializes in the intricate repair of quartz, chronograph, and digital (LCD and LED) movements, alongside re-illuminating hands, replacing capacitors, solar batteries, and batteries for perpetual calendars.

For watches with mechanical movements, we offer thorough cleaning, overhauling, and repair services. This extends to repairing mechanisms, repairing or replacing stems and crowns, and executing mechanical repairs with precision. If your mechanical watch requires a full restoration, we can do that too. Our capabilities also include retro-fitting movements, re-threading case back screws, and specialized repairs for automatic and kinetic movements, ensuring every timepiece receives meticulous care and attention to detail, regardless of its complexity or make.