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Watch Face Repair

When many people ask about watch face repair, they refer to the glass covering the watch dial, which is actually called the crystal and can be replaced. The watch face is the part of the watch that you look at to tell the time. If the dial itself, that is the colored part of the face that the numbers and hands sit on, is broken or rusted from water damage, this part of the watch can also be replaced, but because of its delicate nature, it usually cannot be repaired without causing more damage.

Other repairs to the face of the watch, like if the numbers, hands, or other markers on the watch have fallen off and need to be put back on, can be fixed much more easily than if the entire dial needs replacing. These repairs are called marker work or hand work.

The cost of and amount of time watch face repair takes can vary based on what needs to be done. Some repairs may be very inexpensive, but for others, parts may be difficult to find, expensive, or backordered. As mentioned, the watch face is very delicate, so never open your watch and remove the face to repair markers or hands if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you need help with fixing your watch, trust a professional.

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