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Watch Polishing

With every watch, there is some debate over whether or not the scratches on it should be polished out, or if that will lower the value of the watch. Rare or collector’s watches should be kept unpolished to preserve the authenticity of the original case. If you have no plans to sell the watch and just want to return a beaten up old watch back to its original shine and glory, polishing the case and band is a perfect option. However, since polishing does take a thin layer of metal off of the watch, it is recommended that this only be done once every 4 to 6 years at most, or only 8 times total throughout the life of the watch.

Watches that have a coat of color on them should not be polished because the plating will be taken off and the metal underneath will be all that is left. This includes watches that are stainless steel coated in gold or rose gold and black (or any other non-metallic color) watches.

Superficial scratches can be taken out and general polishing can be done with a polishing cloth for metal or a watch polish.

Most professional watch polishing includes:
-disassembling the watch
-felting: superficial scratches are removed using a very hard brush and a very abrasive paste
-polishing: the surface is given a smooth finish using a hard brush and an abrasive paste.
-shining: the final shine is given using a soft brush and a fine paste
-cleaning the case and band
-reassembling the watch

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