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Watches to Look Out for in 2020

With a new year comes new wristwatch fashion. A lot of great designs from storied brands are lined up to make 2020 an eventful year of releases. Whether one is a fan of luxury or everyday pragmatism (or both), there will certainly be plenty of pieces to choose from. Brands from Swatch to Patek Philippe, Seiko to Cartier, Longines to Gucci are all geared-up for reimagining classic lines—and/or delivering something fresh. While other sites that are covering this subject have lists ranging up to 40 (or more) watches, we here at TimesTicking are going to keep things relatively brief. Ahead are a few selections from the swath of timepieces that are meant to hit shelves in the coming months.

Swatch: Skin Irony Skinblack

Swatch is the largest watch group in the world right now. With annual profits in the billions, their work in designing movements and acquiring brands is staggering. Their latest update to the brand is a little more simply stated than their overall presence on the wristwatch scene. Sporting a 5.8mm slim case—their slimmest to date—Swatch combined elements from their Skin and Irony collections. It’s a clean, gender-neutral design from one of timetelling’s finest. For around $150 anyone can snag this simply stated Swatch. Though this line technically dropped late in 2019, it’s the premiere piece from Swatch moving into 2020.

Seiko Prospex LX SNR031

Watches to Look Out for in 2020

The name of this piece is nearly as long as Seiko’s legacy (we are of course kidding). Since the 1800s Seiko has bolstered its watch division through a history wrought with destroyed factories and wartime production. Post WWII, Japan’s economy and technological developments skyrocketed. Seiko was certainly not left behind in this regard. Their in-house builds have set new standards in watchmaking. Every watch has a unique price point that fits any budget. These elements have made Seiko a juggernaut in watchmaking.

With nods back to some of their oldest dive watches, this latest Seiko Prospex LX is a rugged diver. Its design was co-created with Ken Okuyama—a supercar designer whose portfolio includes Ferrari. The watch itself has a titanium case, is fully dive capable, and is powered by an automatic movement with a 72hr power reserve. It’s an all-black beauty that has Seiko’s history built into every tick. Coming in at ~$5,300, it’s one of Seiko’s toughest standout pieces.

Omega’s Fifth Generation of “Constellation” Watches

Watches to Look Out for in 2020

Omega introduced their Constellation series back in the 1950s. By the early 1980s the look of the series was essentially solidified. Each Omega Constellation is slim and distinctly marked in its case design. While the overall look has not been incredibly altered since 1982, the latest 2020 releases of the Constellation Gents’ line offers colorful variety. Much akin to the 2018 update to the women’s Constellation line, there are multiple colors available for the dial. Along with this, the option to choose rose gold; two-tone; or silver stainless steel on the case makes for further customization. Tapered crocodile leather bands are available on specific models—if stainless steel doesn’t suit one’s taste.

Omega’s Constellation series has been entirely updated with their in-house caliber 8800 movement. It’s not only beautifully decorated, it retains a 55hour wind in its power reserve. While one can wear the watch as a personal piece, their availability for both men and women has made them a popular anniversary/couples gift. Omega’s Constellation watches start around $5,800 on their newer models. They not only make for a great personal piece, but also a fantastic couple’s arrangement.

Others to Look Out For

As mentioned, we’re keeping this list pretty brief today. Other timepieces to keep an eye out for in 2020 include Richard Mille’s RM 61-01 Ultimate Edition; the Oris Aquis Lake Baikal (a limited edition is currently available for pre-order); an update to the Tag Heuer Monaco (a TimesTicking favorite); Breitling’s Aviator 8 B01 Chronograph 43 “Mosquito”; Longines 1832 Heritage Moonphase; and a slew of Timex heritage timepieces (some of which sold out and are returning).With watchmaking having such a varied and diverse range of brands/pieces to choose from, there’s a watch for everyone in 2020. While we’ve merely scratched the surface today, we’ll likely be posting specific models as the year progresses. Furthermore, any watch—new or old, young or aging—can always use the TLC of regular maintenance. Whether one owns a Swatch or a Richard Mille it’s imperative to keep each movement fresh. Moving in to 2020, let’s all be prepared to keep time ticking along.

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