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Andrew Johnson

What Brands and Types of Wristwatches are Trending Right Now?

If you have an appreciation for the latest trends and styles but know the importance of choosing a brand you can trust, you’ve come to the right place. If you're looking to dress to impress, read what these watch connoisseurs have to say about today’s timepiece trends.

Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson

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Tangente Nomos Glashütte

A trending wristwatch brand is Nomos Glashütte. It is well-known for its minimalist design and precision. These mechanical watches have gained popularity for their classic feel.

The Tangente model from this brand has become a trendsetter. It emphasizes craftsmanship, quality, and a timeless aesthetic. It is able to appeal to modern watch enthusiasts with its unique craftsmanship while also appealing to people looking for something vintage.

Nomos combines traditional German watchmaking with contemporary design. It creates a distinctive and sought-after timepiece to deliver to all customers.

Peter Niebling

Peter Niebling

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Vintage Rolexes Will Always be in Style

Vintage Rolexes are having a significant moment right now. People are all about those classic, old-school models with timeless designs. Rolex has always been synonymous with adventure– you've seen them on Mount Everest expeditions or [on] James Bond's wrist. There's history there that new watches don't have.

Plus, with vintage pieces, you know unmatched quality and craftsmanship have survived decades. Today's trends come and go, but a 1960s date looks as slick now as it did back in Don Draper's day. And the stories behind who originally owned the watch, where it's been, all that patina–you can't manufacture that.

Between the nostalgia factor and these watches being built [to] last generations, it makes sense that Rolex is blowing up on the collectible scene. Folks view snagging a vintage Paul Newman as more than acquiring a timekeeper. It's an investment into a legacy. Even the hunt to find a classic, like digging through estate sales or dealers' stashes, is part of the thrill.

Nothing beats slipping on a fragment of history and [it] still working as flawlessly as the day it rolled off the line. And for those reasons, vintage Rolexes will always be in style.

James Owen

James Owen

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IWC and Bremont Pilot Watches

Currently, Pilot watches are experiencing a notable trend in the world of wristwear. Created with the needs of aviation professionals in mind, these watches feature legible dials and rotating bezels, providing essential features for pilots during their operations. Esteemed brands like IWC and Bremont have established themselves as frontrunners in producing high-quality pilot watches.

What's intriguing about Pilot watches is their broad appeal beyond the aviation community. The stylish designs, coupled with functional features, make them a sought-after choice among watch enthusiasts. It's not only about the technical aspects. Pilot watches offer a blend of form and function, contributing to their popularity.

Melissa Terry

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Rolex Submariner: A Timeless Design

As a wristwatch enthusiast with an extensive collection, I've noticed that the Rolex Submariner is trending among watch enthusiasts and collectors. The Rolex Submariner, known for its timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship, has become a symbol of prestige and luxury. Its versatile style makes it suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

From a marketing perspective, brands like Rolex effectively leverage their heritage and exclusivity to create buzz around their timepieces. Social media platforms play a crucial role in showcasing the latest trends, with influencers and watch enthusiasts sharing their experiences and preferences.

Additionally, brands like Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and Omega continue to captivate the market with their innovative designs and technological advancements. Limited-edition releases and collaborations with celebrities further contribute to the popularity of these brands.

In the dynamic world of wristwatches, trends can shift, influenced by design innovations, brand collaborations, and celebrity endorsements. Staying updated on social media platforms and engaging with the watch enthusiast community provides valuable insights into the latest trends and releases.

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