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What Makes These Unique Watches Water Resistant??

Many modern watches include a water-resistant feature to increase their durability and lifespan. To protect timepieces from water, watchmakers use several methods such as gaskets and sealant. Furthermore, consumers can purchase a watch that includes different degrees of protection. For instance, most watches have a basic resistance to water, but watches that manufacturers make to withstand pressure while submerged have more enhancements.

Several mechanisms protect a watch from water. The most important water-resistant element is the gaskets, which are also called O-rings. Gasket materials may include nylon, Teflon, or rubber. Furthermore, the device’s presence creates a seal t prevent the entrance of water. Watch manufactures attach them to the joints where the crown, watch backing, and crystal come together at the watch case.

In addition, producers line chemical sealant along the watch case of a waterproof timepiece. The sealant is special formula that dries fast and hard to keep water from entering the watch’s interior. Another important water-resistant attribute is the case, which will establish whether the timepiece can withstand immersion. The case must be strong enough to hold up against a high level of pressure without yielding. Therefore, the case’s material must feature titanium or stainless steel.

If a watch label states that the timepiece is water-resistant but does not include a depth limit, then the device can withstand a small amount of water splashed onto it. However, do not submerge the watch in water.

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