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What makes you love high-end timepieces?

From Rolex to Rado, Oris to Omega – luxury watches lend an air of class and elegance to every wrist on which they rest. Our reasons for loving them go far beyond mere status symbols, though. Watch connoisseurs weighed in on why they love their opulent wristwear and here’s what they had to say:

Christen Costa

Christen Costa

Christen Costa, CEO, Gadget Review.


I love high-end timepieces because of their versatility. They are durable enough for all-weather wear and their classic designs fit any aesthetic. I would always rather have one high-end watch that I can wear anytime than a collection of low-end watches that I have to swap out for different activities/events.

Rickie Cruz

Rickie Cruz

Rickie Cruz is an American fashion designer and entrepreneur and the co-founder of Sebastian Cruz Couture.

Elevates Any Look and Style

High-end timepieces elevate any look, no matter the style. For example, wearing a casual sweatpant set to an airport is an ideal fashion choice for long flights – but when you’re not sure who you might run into (think important business connections) – it’s critical to put your best foot forward.

One way to do this is by investing in high-end accessories such as a watch and pairing this with your everyday and formal outfits. High-end timepieces can transform a casual airport outfit into luxury weekend wear.

Jacob Villa

Jacob Villa

Jacob Villa, Marketing Director, Authority.

Investment Potential

While some seek high-end timepieces for their beauty and status symbol, I love purchasing luxury watches because I consider them not just a luxury, but also an investment to diversify my asset portfolio. A Rolex watch is a smart buy: it holds its value well over time, and some models do not depreciate. If I decide to sell or trade it in, its market price is just a little below the acquisition price, if not more.

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