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Naheed Mir

What Size Wrist Watch Looks Good on a Small Wrist?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and no place is this more true than in the watch and jewelry industries. We talked with watch connoisseurs about what timepieces look good on smaller wrists and they each had a slightly different opinion. What answer do you think aligns best with your personal style? Read on and you be the judge.

Artem Minaev

Artem Minaev

Co-founder at .

36mm or Less

When selecting a wristwatch for a smaller wrist, opt for a watch with a smaller case size, typically around 36mm or less. This size not only offers a proportional and comfortable fit but also complements the wrist's dimensions, enhancing the overall aesthetics. It is important to note that personal style and comfort preferences are key factors in this decision.

While a smaller case size may be recommended, some individuals might prefer a slightly larger or bolder watch to make a fashion statement or improve readability. The choice should align with your unique style and how comfortable you feel wearing the watch. So, take into account both the watch's size and your taste when making your selection.

Caroline Bogart

Caroline Bogart

Founder of .

34mm to 40mm Case Diameter and 6-10mm Thickness

Smaller wrists generally look best with a wristwatch that has a case diameter of 34mm to 40mm. The thickness of the watch should also be considered; a thin or medium-thin watch (around 6-10mm) typically fits better and looks more proportionate on a smaller wrist. A watch with these dimensions won't overpower the wrist and will provide a comfortable fit, achieving a balanced and elegant look.

Naheed Mir

Naheed Mir

Director at .

For Gents, Go for a 38mm Dial; For Ladies, 30 to 32mm

A watch is a token of style and statement. It gives a posh look to your outfit, and choosing the right style can double up the effect. Go for a simple, small, and elegant dial. Avoid anything big or bulky. Watches with big dials and designs look bad on small wrists. For gents, go for a 38mm dial; for ladies, 30 to 32mm is the perfect fit. Also, a small round or rectangular shape will bring a perfect combination of chic and poise to your outfit.

Mark Davidson

Editor at .

38mm to 42mm in Case Diameter

The ideal wrist watch size for a small wrist typically falls within 38mm to 42mm in case diameter. Watches in this size range look proportional and aesthetically pleasing on smaller wrists. It's also essential to consider the case thickness, opting for a thinner profile to avoid a bulky appearance.

Choosing a watch with a strap or bracelet width of 18mm to 20mm helps maintain a balanced look. Watches with minimalist designs and round or oval-shaped cases often work well for smaller wrists, providing an elegant and understated appearance.

Ultimately, the perfect wristwatch size depends on individual preferences and comfort. Trying on different options and considering personal style can help you find the watch that suits your wrist size and sense of style.

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