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What Are Kinetic Watches?

What is a kinetic watch and how does it work?
-kinetic energy is the energy of motion. A kinetic watch uses the everyday motion of the wearer to operate the watch engine, also known as the movement. It stores energy that is produced by simple, everyday movements, such as shaking someone’s hand, gesturing, swinging your arms while walking, or turning the steering wheel while driving. The energy is captured when the movements of the person;s arms and hands cause a pendulum to oscillate within the watch that spins a very small pinion which is attached to a relatively large gear, at a very high speed. The Pinion is attached to a miniature electrical generator so as the pinion spins it charges the storage device which is a capacitor or a rechargeable battery. A typical full charge will last between two weeks and six months.

How is a kinetic watch different from an automatic watch?
-A kinetic movement is sometimes referred to as automatic-quartz movement, and kinetic watches combine the best elements of automatic and quartz watches. A kinetic watch has a self-winding movement, just like an automatic, but it uses a quartz timekeeping mechanism. The capacitor transfers energy to a quartz crystal, which vibrates at a high frequency to run the gears at a consistent rate. Automatic movement is a form of mechanical movement, so it uses a hair-spring and a balance wheel to keep time.

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