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Double Wristing: Excessive or Stylish?

Double Wristing: Excessive or Stylish?

There’s more to Billie Eilish—when it comes to horology—than her hit song “Watch”. That’s right, like other famed folks including Chris Pratt, Princess Diana, Fidel Castro, Justin Bieber, Drake, and even the late Marlon Brando, Billie is known to double-down on wristwatches. “Double-wristing”—as some call it—is a trend that has existed for centuries but is still perpetuated by modern fashion. Already a major trend-setter herself, Billie rocking any kind of a wristwatch is pretty refreshing. This is especially true when considering that many people aging (or aged) out of their youth are given flak for still wearing watches. A popular Gen Z watch-wearer means there’s certainly hope for the future (go team). Focusing on Billie’s style, it might not always be easy to see whether or not she’s even wearing a timepiece—considering her loud hair color and baggy threads. But she’s been photographed more than a few times double-wearing watches, alongside a slew of chains and other jewelry.

A Useful Perk to this Billie Eilish Style

Celebrities like Billie Eilish can be cited as gaudy or excessive for wearing two watches. When considering the fact that many of these watches are high-end luxury pieces, critics are not totally off-base in that regard. However, one perk of wearing watches this way is having multiple time zones on one’s person. Before the age of the internet, and the emergence of digital timekeeping, wearing two watches was a way for travelers and curious enthusiasts to keep track of time in more than one place. This is where the previously mentioned Fidel Castro comes to mind. On a trip to Russia (1963) he was seen wearing two Rolex watches—one believed to be set to Havana Cuba’s time and the other to Moscow’s. International politics and travel required many of the past to turn two watches into a real utility. Flexing wealth and success may come in to play when wearing multiple watches, but even Billie Eilish—with an upcoming world tour—could always use a quick reference to home.

Back to the Future

Double Wristing: Excessive or Stylish?

While modern media and influencer culture are big players when it comes to style, some things simply exist due to humanity’s obsession with its own fashion. Even an 18th Century poem titled “Receipt to Make a Modern Fop” describes how an excessively dressed person (aka “fop”) wears two watches as part of their attire—no offense to Billy. Indeed, double-wristing is a strange taboo-esque style that has never left the consciousness of watch-wearers around the globe—regardless of celebrity. Though it’s a bold statement, it’s one that is about as old as the wristwatch itself.

Billie Eilish and her other entertainment contemporaries can easily give a spotlight to new or resurfaced trends. While wearing two watches is often redundant, it’s also a great way to promote the variety in which things can be worn. Whether it’s a quartz watch or a mechanical, a Rolex or Timex, double-wristing may just have its opportunity to shine through the 2020s. If Billie Eilish, Chris Pratt, Justin Bieber, and others continue this horological behavior, perhaps we’ll see more everyday folks taking this cue. As a watch and clock company, we here at TimesTicking are no strangers to seeing this behavior in the day-to-day (though rarely). So, if you’re one to wear two pieces at a time—or are inspired by people like Billie Eilish—we’ll harbor zero judgements as time moves forward.

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