A Brief History of Breguet

Breguet is an incredibly influential name in watchmaking. If you’re already in the loop, you know that their name is attached to wristwatch innovation, scientific discovery, and actual royalty. Stretching…

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10 Watch Hands To Dial-In To

Watch hands aren’t necessarily the rockstars of horological writing. With plethora watchmakers creating specialized movements and case designs over centuries of engineering, the design work of watch hands almost seems…

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Breitling Avengers Assemble

Breitling is just about as notorious as Marvel’s Avengers—in the world of watches. With a name associated with high-flying aviation, deep dive quality, and Swiss excellence, they’re a tour-de-force company…

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The History Of ETA

Today’s Times Ticking blog is not about an “estimated time of arrival”. However, we are going to discuss the arrival (and subsequent career) of a watch movement that continues to…

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Jack the Ripper (Watch) Case

A unique development in one of history’s most notorious unsolved crimes emerged in the early 1990s. This potential piece of evidence happened to be a horological one—a suspectly-engraved gentleman’s pocket…

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