Android Watches

    To shatter any illusions, we’re not talking smartwatches today. But before you shake your head and click the “back” button there’s a bit of a story here—hear us out. Prior…

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    How to Upkeep a Kinetic Watch

      Kinetic movements use a power source called a capacitor. This capacitor is powered by the movement of a spinning counterweight. Counterweights on Kinetic watches work like winding rotors on a…

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      Richard Mille Takes the Field

        Richard Mille is a luxury watch brand that doesn’t always steal mainstream headlines. However, between Odell Beckham Jr.’s Cleveland Browns debut and Rafael Nadal’s US Open win over the last…

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        “Da Vinci” Design

          Leonardo Da Vinci was a powerful innovator, inventor, and mind in human intellectual history. His ideas, design, and artistry have inspired countless individuals to dream and create for ages. Much…

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          Grand Central Terminal Clock

            The turn of the century was a technological boom in industrialized America. With railways already spanning the width of the lower 48, the continued urbanization of American transit needed lots…

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