A Brief Luminox Watch History

Luminox is a profoundly recognizable name in modern watchmaking. Having a solid bearing on the affordable military dive-watch market, many swear by this brand—and nothing else. Meaning “Lumi-” (light) and…

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Leap Year Watch Setting

Each year we here at TimesTicking get questions about setting dates on watches after the month of February. Every leap year adds extra potency to this short-month date-setting struggle. Even…

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Jeff Goldblum Rocks Cartier and More

Here at TimesTicking we’re accustomed to covering celebrity wristwatch fashion. From the double-wristing endeavors of Billie Eilish, to the Icelandic exploits of Mads Mikkelson, no particular publicly praised patron of…

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A Brief History of Patek Philippe

Like many Swiss maisons (houses) Patek Philippe’s legacy predates the popularity of the wristwatch. However, few (if any) brands can boast the level of complication mastery that they sport to…

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