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Gorillaz X G-Shock

Casio has been active in incorporating pop culture into their timepieces for decades. Having limited edition G-Shock watches dating back to the 1980s, Casio’s collaborations are often stylish and versed in the times. We’ve already covered a few of these unique pieces including the Wu-Tang X G-Shock, the Keith Haring G-Shock from this year, and the oddly fascinating Big Mac G-Shock from 2018. Another example that piqued our interests recently is the Gorillaz X G-Shock line. With hit songs like Feel Good Inc., Melancholy Hill, and Clint Eastwood, Gorillaz top charts with genre-crossing tracks on each of their album releases. What’s more, they find other influential artists to appear on their tracks and in their music videos. So it comes as no surprise that they’d do repeat collaborations with pop celebrities. Casio’s G-Shock having a celebrity status of its own, the Gorillaz find themselves immortalized on not one—but 7—limited edition G-Shock releases. This also includes a three part video series (on the G-Shock website) where the Gorillaz’s animated intergalactic hijinks are influenced by their timepieces. For the sake of brevity we’re going to cover the general specifications of the whole collection—and highlight its variations.

in a Bag (or Box) for Fanz

Gorillaz X G-Shock

Each one of the Gorillaz X G-Shocks comes with a download code for an exclusive remix of one of their songs. As well, they have unique stamps for different members of the group on 5/7 of the styles. The most recent one to be added to the roster has a neon cyberpunk aesthetic (which harkens back to the 80s roots of the G-Shock itself). Every one of them is either a “DW” or “GM” model (slim) G-Shock—except for one. That would be the GA200GZ-3A, in all of its camouflage glory. Harkening back to their self-titled release from 2001, this particular exclusive stands in beautiful contrast to the retro-futurism of their neon G-Shock. Some of the watches have a Demon Days look to them as well. Referencing the busts from that particular album cover, the silhouettes of 3 Gorillaz characters are available—with exclusive box art for each of their respective pieces.

Regular G-Shock
features are in full force on all 7 of the Gorillaz exclusives. Each has a 200m
water resistance, 10-layer protective watch case surrounding the movement, and
a backlight. Most of them also include a “GZ” logo backlight feature—to
illuminate an additional (subtle) bump to the band’s eccentric style.

More to Come?

With a 3-part video series, 7 exclusive watches, and a load of fan service available in each box, it seems like Gorillaz and Casio have a pretty solid relationship. It would not be shocking then, considering the prolific songwriting that comes from Gorillaz, that there will be more G-Shocks for fans in the future. With a hyper-colorful futuristic vibe that coincides with their music, there’s a lot to draw from regarding merchandising. Adding to this reality, the G-Shock X Gorillaz watches aren’t highly expensive. The most anyone will pay for one is just $170 (with prices starting at $99). Horologically minded music/Gorillaz fans can represent this long-running and unique collaborative virtual band on a budget. No need to sit on Melancholy Hill and pine. These feel good timepieces are worth the price tag—if nothing else but to pay respect to over 20 years of continually solid and influential songwriting. After all, it’s “Casio on a plastic beach”.

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