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Jeff Goldblum Rocks Cartier and More

Here at TimesTicking we’re accustomed to covering celebrity wristwatch fashion. From the double-wristing endeavors of Billie Eilish, to the Icelandic exploits of Mads Mikkelson, no particular publicly praised patron of watchmaking can escape our watchful eyes (not to sound too sinister). One monolithic figure in men’s fashion has eluded our blog, much to our own surprise—Jeff Goldblum. Having a charismatic persona paired with a stellar sense of fashion, it’s a mystery as to why his watches have not been previously covered here. Known to sport fine luxury pieces alongside stunning apparel, Goldblum has been the subject of memes and press regarding all aspects of male finery. Known to be far from gaudy, his clothing and accessories are well stated—taking cues from eras both modern and antique, contemporary and retro. So, without any further ado, we’re going to focus in on Goldblum’s timepiece preferences—both off and on-screen. These wrist-bound accessories are an inevitable function of his penchant for the fashionista lifestyle.

Cartier Tank Santos

Jeff Goldblum Rocks Cartier and More

Through 2019 Goldblum was photographed and interviewed extensively while wearing his favorite wristwatch—a Cartier Tank Santos. This piece has been blogged about, chatted about in forums, and otherwise discussed almost to death. However, it’s one that is certainly worth mentioning, especially considering Goldblum’s net worth of over $40million. In a celebrity world where it’s not uncommon to own a watch that carries the same price tag as a top-tier sports car, Goldblum keeps things at a relatively modest sum. With most Tank Santos watches ranging from around $5-10,000 (Goldblum’s being $4,600), this aspect of his style is easier to imitate compared to other famed public figures’ horological choices.

The watch itself retains an aesthetic fitting of a man who pairs seamless fashion with his timepieces. Its design dates back to 1917, and features a square case and dial design. Contrasting a gold case with a white dial and dark markers, as well as a black leather band, it has a turn-of-the-century flair that withstands the test of time. Cartier’s original work on the piece was inspired by military equipment (a la Renault) and gifted to American General John J. Pershing. It looks very little like a tank—but has been sturdy in terms of fashion for over a century.

Other Mentionable Goldblum Pieces

Jeff Goldblum Rocks Cartier and More

Gaining far less notoriety is the variety of watches Goldblum has been spotted wearing. Details about his collection are often hard to come by, but we decided to do a little digging to feature some other timepieces. The first of these is another recent(ish) Hamilton. Hamilton themselves love to boast about being in over 500 feature films. Bolstering that reputation, Goldblum is seen wearing a Hamilton Jazzmaster automatic in the recent Independence Day: Resurgence. A piece titled “Jazzmaster” is pretty fitting for a man who has his own Jazz band—Jeff Goldblum and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra. Looking far from jazzy, this stainless steel and leather automatic mechanical cleans up well beneath Goldblum’s jacket in the film.

Jurassic Park is arguably the most recognizable film Goldblum has performed in. His portrayal of Ian Malcolm, open shirt and leather jacket in tow, has been immortalized in London as a massive statue. What might not be featured on this statue is the brand name of the watch Goldblum wore in the film. With internet buzz surrounding his vintage chronograph piece, no one is quite sure what it is. Our bet is on a classic Heuer Monaco. However, the jury is still out on this leather-strapped silver stainless-steel piece. It may take a little more than a team of horological archeologists to find out. Despite the mystery surrounding a lot of Goldblum’s watches, there are some standard features that stand out. He typically sports a leather band on his watches, wears something vintage, and doesn’t shy away from something a little bit nicer—without reaching for the highest peaks in terms of price. Sounds pretty simple, eh? Perhaps we all can take a cue from Goldblum’s eye for this style. It appears to match whatever era it finds itself in.

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