Insuring Your Watch
Own It, Wear It, Protect It: Insuring Your Watch
Ask any watch lover whether they think watches belong on your wrist or tucked away in a box, and they will tell you, “Watches are meant to be worn!” Whether you collect timepieces as a hobby...
Emily Cooper
Is it bad to let my automatic watch stop?
An automatic watch works off of your arm movement, so if it stops, it means you have probably taken it off and put it away for a while. Watch enthusiasts differed on whether or not letting your automatic...
A Swiss Watch with Latin Roots
Cuervo y Sobrinos: A Swiss Watch with Latin Roots
You may think that all roads lead to Europe, specifically Switzerland when it comes to luxury watchmaking. However, one particular luxury watchmaker did not find his start amid the lush valleys and pristine...
Vintage Quartz Watch
Fix or Forget? What to Do with Your Vintage Quartz Watch
That depends on what kind of timepiece we’re talking about. Alas, not all quartz is created equal. A Little Background The quartz movement revolutionized the watch industry beginning with the unveiling...
Christina Green
What are the pros and cons of mechanical wristwatches?
Mechanical timepieces represent some of the finest examples of engineering prowess and craftsmanship in the world. But nothing is perfect. We asked several watch aficionados to give us their thoughts on...

The Most Popular Watches

From world-famous brands like Rolex, Citizen, Movado to more under-the-radar names that have caught our editors’ eye.

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