Your Life Without Clocks
Your Life Without Clocks
It’s a cool fall morning at 6 am. Your alarm clock emits a soothing yet insistent sound. It’s dark outside, but it’s time to get up, get the kids ready, head to the gym, or just enjoy that morning cup...
hour angle watch
The Longines Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch
In 1906, the UK’s tabloid ‘The Daily Mail Newspaper’ – still in operation today, offered £10,000 to the winner of the first flight from London to Manchester, followed by, in 1908,...
Maya Levi
What do you think is the future of clocks and watches?
We don’t have a crystal ball to tell us what timepieces of the future will look like, but it’s fun to imagine. What will their future be? Will they become obsolete? Will there be technological...
Christmas Gift Watch
Gifting a Watch This Christmas? Read This Before You Buy
In a world of Rolexes, Apple watches, and Fitbits, it’s safe to say there’s a watch out there for everyone. However, when you’re not “a watch person” and you want to pick the perfect timepiece, you may...
When Did Digital Watches First Come Out?
The History Of The Pulsar LED Time Computer
A Pennsylvania company, from Lancaster, along with help from Electro-Data, Inc., of Garland, Texas, created a masterpiece in horology, launched in 1972, that stands as America’s biggest watch success story....

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